What Information is Available Through Address Lookup?

Current Property Owner Details

The lookup report contains the current property owner details, including name, contact information, email address, social media profiles, and address history.

Residents Details

This provides you the names, phone number details, and other personal information of the possible residents. It also tells that they are living alone or with family.

Property Summary

All the details related to the property, such as square footage, number of rooms, bathrooms, and legal description, etc., are included.

Neighborhood Details

Information like census figures about demographics, population, and the average income of the neighbors are included in the lookup search, as well as the location of any known sex offenders.

Financial Reports

Know the worth of your property and see the potential home value. In addition, it contains all the sales reports, foreclosure history, mortgage data, tax paid, and other assessments.

Real-Estate Agents

The reverse address lookup provides you the contact details and email addresses of the real estate agents of the address that you are searching for.

What is Reverse Address Lookup?

Address lookup usually works more than you imagine. Suppose you are going to sell a house without contacting a dealer, enter the address of that place, and get all the possible details related to it. Reverse address lookup provides you an opportunity to view the property and the people who had been living there. All you need is to enter an address to get everything that the address reverse lookup tool knows about the home.

It reveals all the current and previous past owners, their contact, estimated home value, and even refinance data. You would be surprised at the information that a reverse address lookup report contains. This approach helps people to narrow down the results to the right people.

Residential addresses are usually a part of public records of the people, so you can get the exact results based on the right searching. Then you can make better decisions when buying or selling a house.

In the past, people could not uncover all the information about the owner of the home just by using a street address. However, reverse address lookup has made this process easier by searching a specific street address.

How Accurate is Reverse Address Lookup?

The reverse address search is typically more accurate for single-family houses or detached houses. However, the information can be spotty if the address is a huge apartment or building with many offices. The reason behind this is people usually leave the part of the address when they are filling the public or official documents.

The information can be:

  • Apartment number
  • Office number or letter
  • The fraction in case there are two apartments in the same unit

When you are gathering address lists from customer registration, purchasing them, or scraping them from the Internet, it is always important that you verify the addresses are valid.

Doing this will help you to proceed with the address lookup process smoother. Then you can perform a reverse address lookup to find more information about that specific address.

Where Does the Address Information Come From?

Reverse address search will offer a complete address search report by discovering all the crucial information related to your search.

In the real estate world, when you are buying a house, you need to enter all the information in the government records. It helps you and other people in future circumstances. Just like a criminal record, it includes detailed information like the buyer's name, contact number, email address, income source, and the possible legal issues that are tied to it.

Some records have in-depth information like street, city area, county, postal code, or country. When users search for the specific address via the reverse address lookup tool, they can access the public records containing all the information that you required before buying a house or apartment. That's how the address information comes from the public records.

What Can Address Search be Used For?

Track Down a Relative

The most prominent reason to use an address search is to track a long-lost relative. Families can easily get separated, parents get divorced and live in different homes, or sometimes job relocation occurs. Even good intentions can lead to losing contact.

Reverse address search can assist if you know a family member who lives at the address of that place. You can use that information by an address reverse lookup tool to find your relatives.

Reconnecting People from Past

It is common to lose contact as you change places or progress through your lives. But suddenly, you want to reconnect with people from the past but only have their old phone numbers. A reverse phone lookup helps you to find out their new number as well as makes an easy way to reconnect with them.

Locate Lost Loves

Some people are not a part of our families like childhood friends or loved ones, but leave a profound hole if they get lost. Social media helps many people to reconnect, but the address lookup tool can provide more efficient details to reach out to the one who got away.

Post a Gift or Card

Wanted to surprise someone with flowers or gifts, but don't know their address? Take out a few minutes to do a search using the reverse address lookup tool. Enter the possible information such as country, street, or name and get a complete address to surprise your relative, friend, or a loved one by sending gifts or cards.

Check Out your Partner

We do not encourage people to use address lookup tools to do anything creepy in dating lives. However, if you have been observing the cagey behavior of your partner, this service might help you. You can use the address lookup tool to get the address and find out who else lives at it. Everything will be revealed if they have a significant other or a secret spouse through this search.

How to Do Reverse Address Lookup?

You need to follow the below 3 steps to perform a reverse address lookup by the PeopleFinderFree tool.

  • Step 1: Approach the Site

    You only need the internet on your device to proceed with the process. Simply go to the website and then the “Address Lookup” option. Enter the address in the given search bar and press the “Search” button.

  • Step 2: Filter the Results

    Filter down the search results which you get against the entered address. Choose the relevant profile and tap the 'Access Report' option.

  • Step 3: Export and Analyze the Report

    In this final step, you have to enter your email address to get the reverse address lookup report. Add your card details, choose the 'View My Report' option and get your address lookup report.

Completely Free Address Lookup (No Charge & No Credit Card)

Search Engines

Search engines are a great way to search the address you want. They have wiped out the traditional ways which were commonly used in the late '90s. Google can offer you publicly available information to the users. It requires you to add an address of the target, which provides relevant information, including name, contact number, or social media accounts.

Google also presents the crime report committed by the target from the court's proceedings. The more public addresses you look at, the more efficient results will get.

Social Media Profiles

You can also locate your target's information via social media profiles. These are the main sources to find someone. If your target has entered the address of his workplace or home, then you can easily access them. However, this search approach is limited as it only works if the target is available on social media and has a public profile.

Is Reverse Address Lookup Legal?

Reverse address lookup to check who lives at an address is legal to find information. However, depending on your business, there are some protections. Some protections provided by the government authorities are least in the United States. But there may be limitations on the use of personal information for some businesses.

Using a reverse address lookup is legal to get information, but make sure that you are not breaking any rules on using it. This approach is low priced and helps to remove doubt about a place or person.

So, if you are looking for valid information, consider the reverse address lookup, which is completely legal.

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Anatomy of an Address

In the U.S, there are more than 159 million residential addresses, excluding general delivery and post office box addresses. Most residential addresses follow the format, house number, street name, city, state, and ZIP. For example, the name is John Doe, The Highstreet. Inc, having a delivery address 235 Main Street 4th FL in Miami, 33101.

However, in rural areas, mailing addresses are based on the mail route rather than the physical street address of the recipient. Suppose the mailing address for someone who resides on a farm might read 'RR 6 Box 15', which means box#15 on rural route 6. Your letter might not reach the recipient if you have a physical address only.

The U.S. post office processed almost 37 million changes of address in the last year. In 2017, about 11% of the population moved to a new home. It's hardly surprising that people lose touch with friends, family, and relatives.

Reasons to Use Address Search

  • Reconnect a Friend or Relative

    Most of us have lost touch with important friends or family members. If you are feeling to get reconnected with them, a reverse address lookup will provide you an individual's latest contact information, work phone numbers, or email addresses. Moreover, you can also find out if they are single, live alone, or not.

  • Buying or Selling Property

    Interested in leasing, selling, or buying a property? You can use address lookup for this purpose. It helps you to figure out the market value or average prices in the neighborhood. In short, it determines fair estimated prices for the property.

  • Loved one's Safety

    To ensure the safety of your loved one, go to the address lookup search tool and check the neighborhood. It is a good practice to identify the problem to keep your family away.

  • Property Owner Info

    If you want to share your concerns about your new house, address lookup search uncovers the property owner's name and contact details.

  • Search About your Neighborhood

    A reverse address search can reveal interesting facts about your neighborhood. It includes an estimated population, average income, demographics, and sex offenders.

  • Verify New Connections

    Some new connections like dating your partner may lie or exaggerate. Have a check via reverse address lookup to see if they live alone or have other people. You can figure out if they are trustworthy or not.

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My job position is a police detective, and I use this amazing tool, which helps me to solve my cases in time. Moreover, it gives some extra information which is surprising for my other mates.

- Frank, Mississippi

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Moving to a new place is not easy. I was a bit scared and conscious about my new surroundings. So someone has recommended this tool. I entered my address then it gave all the worthy information like names, records, and work of people in my area. This helped me a lot in making a decision.

- Daniel, Maryland

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I do a search to find out who lives at an address?

With the help of PeopleFinderFree, you can easily get a list of names of people who live at a specific address. It will take a minute to collect all the names, but when it's completed, you will get a list of past and current residents, their ages, and relatives.

Is it possible to find someone by their address?

Yes, PoepleFinderFree offers a people search directory where you can find people by their name, address, or contact number. For better results, try to add both the first and last names.

Can I ensure that people don't use PeopleFinderFree for a reverse address lookup on my property?

Surely, if you want your details to be removed from our database, we can make it done for you. Contact our customer service and do an address search on your property which will no longer be possible with our tool.

What is the cost to use reverse address lookup?

PeopleFinderFree provides an address lookup service. There is no limit to the number of searches, so you can look up every concern that you have related to your property without any worries about the costs.

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