What to Look for in a Background Check Service?

Accuracy and Cost

Make sure that the background check service provides accurate, clear, and complete reports. Some services offer high-end features, which demand additional fees but efficient results.

Available Checks

If you want to choose a perfect background check company, you should make sure that it provides the results you want, such as criminal records.

Customization and Support

The customization feature is helpful in a business that requires a unique or advanced background check. Such checks may take time, but if you are working with a tight deadline, then a turnaround time can be important.


When choosing an online background checker, you should choose a service that offers advanced technology.

Customer Help and Support

Background check services offer support by email, phone, or live chat. Go for the service that has a preferred support method and verify their agents.

Easy Online Platform

The right background checker has a simple and easy interface that does not require high knowledge to perform a background check. An intuitive online portal helps place orders and view results.

What is a Background Check?

A background check is a process used to verify the claims made by a person or company. It involves reviewing an individual's personal and professional history to provide up-to-date and relevant information, including criminal records. Background checks are often necessary when a person is applying for a job or looking for a new place to live. This type of check ensures that the person is trustworthy and reliable.

A background check service provides a breakdown of the most crucial metrics and private information that is publicly available. Additionally, some services may have unique access to the target's social media accounts. The goal of a background check is to offer an external and objective assessment of someone's history and qualifications, so employers or individuals can make informed decisions.

How to Do a Background Check?

PeopleFinderFree is a simple solution to perform a background check online on the target people. It involves the following steps.

  • Step 1: Enter Person Details

    The user does not require any app to perform a background check. All you need to do is head over to the PeopleFinderFree official website and go to the 'Background Check' option. Enter the first and last name, city, and state of the target person. Click 'Search'.

  • Step 2: Filter Profiles

    Upon searching, you will get all the possible details and profiles against your entered details. Filter down the search results and select the required profile. Now go to the 'Access Report' option.

  • Step 3: Export the Report

    Here, enter your email address to access the background check report. Add your card details for the payment process. Choose the 'View My Report' option after the payment process to get a full report on the target person.

What Do Background Check Reports Include?

By conducting comprehensive database searches,a background check report can provide critical details about a person's past.

  • Background reports include identification data such as name, birth date, and home addresses.
  • It has a list of past credit inquiries, financial institutions, or identifying retailers.
  • It shows the criminal records at the county, state, and federal levels. This includes current pending charges, acquitted charges, or dismissed charges.
  • You can also get to know about the person's address or location history, office address, email addresses, etc.
  • Background checks verify the professional licenses, certificate, or designation number.
  • You can also check about the person's marital status in a background check report since a marriage license must be obtained to get married. Similarly, a divorce might be exposed in the records.
  • A detailed background check report can reveal the dating history and other relationships.

Search Now

Free Background Checks (No Charge & No Credit Card)

  • Google

    Google has been an easy, simple, and go-to method to find information and research people since its inception. It is the best option if you want to do a smart background check for free. This method contains an index of the most information that you can find on the Internet.

    If you want to search for an individual, enter a name that will list millions of different results. However, you need to know more background information to filter down the results.

  • Social Media

    Social media gives some sort of information from the people's profiles that you are looking for. Many people reveal a lot about themselves on such platforms. If you can locate your target's profile on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or professional profile on LinkedIn, then you would get the right amount of information about them.

    Also, in some cases, many people keep their accounts private for a good reason. Their profiles are limited to people they know. Social media is a helpful approach if you are friends or see them.

  • Public Court Records

    Another great approach to check someone's background is to check the county clerk of records website. You will need at least the location or address of the target person. If you don't know, then you may have difficulty getting results this way.

    The public court will only show the government records information that an individual has from the state or city he lived in. You need to create a separate search for an individual address in case you want a record of his past address.

  • State or Local Prison Records

    In addition to public records, you might have some chance to get a good piece of information in state or local prison records. If you are looking for criminal history, check using the 'Corrections Inmate' tag on Google. You should know the prison's official website, and then you can enter a person's information to find if they ever had a criminal record.

    However, the information is quite limited, and they can only show data for that specific state. This approach could be time-consuming but rewarding if you know the details about a person.

Are These Free Background Checks Legit & Effective?

There are many free sites where you can do a background check, but it is essential to check the site to ensure that the information can be trusted. It is possible to check the background yourself by exploring someone's social media account or public records. However, you can't access much of their information because it will be hidden, even if you know him.

It is important to keep in mind that performing background checks takes time and requires extensive research, and it should also be done legally. The Fair Credit Report Act is a specific law that applies to background checks, and it mandates that you use a licensed Consumer Reporting Agency to obtain a credit report. These officially licensed agencies are responsible for providing accurate information and curating details about the consumers.

Common Types of Background Checks

  • Criminal Background Checks

    Background checks are required when a person or organization inquires about major criminal activities, such as violence, fraud, sex crimes, etc. It includes searching in national, county, or federal records.

  • Universal Background Checks

    A licensed importer, dealer, or manufacturer must perform a universal background check when a person buys a firearm from them. It determines whether a buyer is qualified to purchase a firearm.

  • Credit Background Checks

    A credit background check inquires about a candidate's credit history and displays management of his past bill payments. Credit reports are a requirement to apply for a home or car loan.

  • Personal Background Checks

    If you are interested in checking information against you, a personal background check can help. You can see if your name appears in any sex offender, traffic, or criminal databases.

  • Professional License Background Checks

    This kind of background check verifies that the applicant does indeed own a valid license as claimed. It helps to protect the employer from any potential claims of negligent hiring.

What Our Customers Say About

People Finder Free is an effective tool when you need to hire applied candidates. As a hiring manager, I need to check all documents as well as past records. This tool has helped me not only in a detailed background check but also to verify the details, criminal records, or educational records.

- Peter, Washington

Through this tool, you have up-to-date information on requests. People Finder Free has the ability to send an email invitation to the recipient to complete and send the background search details. I am happy to get this tool as it saves a lot of time for waiting or verifying the results.

- Emma, Colorado

As I needed a car for my traveling from home to office. Someone suggested applying for a bank loan to get a car. For that purpose, I need to check my personal records to go through the smooth process. So for a background check, I prefer the People Finder Free tool. It is an absolutely straightforward tool that has provided me with all the details that I needed to apply for a bank loan.

- Jacob, California

I love this tool as it makes a background check quick and easy when you need to run the details against your partner. This saves a lot of time. Additionally, you would be able to access each file and track the progress of each detail.

- Margaret, New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is included in a background check?

It is also important to clarify with the organization or employer which specific records or criteria will be checked so that the applicant can provide accurate and complete information to conduct the background check efficiently.

Is there any chance to get hired while having a criminal record?

The use of employees' criminal records to make an employment decision is based on Federal and State laws and regulations. Various state statutes need that employers evaluate a variety of factors when they consider a criminal record in a hiring process. A recent conviction, nature, and gravity of the offense may be considered. You should contact your potential employer to discuss their adjudication process as it relates to the inspection of criminal records.

How can I get ready for a background check?

To prepare for a background check, you should gather necessary documents, review your online presence, check your criminal history, prepare for possible interviews, and be honest about your past.

For how long a personal background check takes?

It depends on the personal background check that you consider adopting. The basic and advanced checks search national criminal databases instantly, and the results may be shown in less than 15 minutes.

However, education verification, employer verification, and resume verification checks may require specialized agents and can take 5 days to accomplish. As soon as we get the information, we update your background check results and send an email.

Get Started with Your Background Checks Now!

For a background check, People Finder Free can be a game-changer when you need to check your employees, partners, or others. It offers detailed and valid information against your searches. Also, you don't need to wait for long to come up with the search results. So get started with your background checks now and get satisfying outcomes!