Do's & Don'ts

  • Look up Phone Number Identity

    You can use PeopleFinderFree to look up the true identity of the person using an unknown phone number to call you. Your distance relations may want to reconnect with you, PeopleFinderFree gives them that platform.

  • Court Records

    If someone has been convicted in court due to criminal behavior, you can use PeopleFinderFree to reveal this information before dealing with such a person. Once you plug in the person's details, you will see the criminal records of such a person.

  • Background Check

    It is a huge risk hiring an employee without finding out their experiences in their former place of work. HR or hiring managers can use PeopleFinderFree to carry out a quick background check of potential employees. PeopleFinderFree will reveal whether or not potential employees are fit for your job roles.

  • Age and Date of Birth

    If someone is concealing their age or date of birth, simply do not bother such a person further. As long as the person's records are in the public domain, you can use PeopleFinderFree to pull up this information.

  • Relatives

    Sometimes tracing your age-long relative can be overwhelming without the use of technology. This is where PeopleFinderFree comes in. You can use this service to locate your relatives.

  • Current Address

    You can also use PeopleFinderFree to look up the current address of your relatives or relations.

  • Traffic Tickets

    Motorists that have violated traffic codes or regulations can be easily tracked using PeopleFinderFree. PeopleFinderFree will reveal the history of traffic offenders and those that have been previously issued tickets or fines.

  • Sex Offender Data

    You can use PeopleFinderFree to verify whether or not someone has committed sexual offenses in the past. The sexual offender’s data is 100% accurate.

  • Look up Domestic Help

    It is against the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FRCA) to attempt to use PeopleFinderFree to look up domestic help.

  • Identity Theft

    Identity theft is a criminal act with dire consequences. Therefore, never attempt to use PeopleFinderFree's information to claim to be someone else.

  • Stalk People

    Using PeopleFinderFree to stalk and harass people is not allowed. For your information, harassment is punishable by law.

  • Screen Employees

    If you're are a recruiter or HR consultant, you cannot use PeopleFinderFree to screen potential employees. There is a wide range of platforms out there dedicated to screening employees.

  • Screen Tenants

    Using PeopleFinderFree to screen your tenants as a landlord is not allowed.

  • Educational Screening

    Using PeopleFinderFree to conduct educational screening like the award of scholarships and admissions is highly prohibited.

PeopleFinderFree is a people search engine, like Google, that lets you pull up all the vital information about someone regardless of their location. While you can use PeopleFinderFree to run a background check on an individual, according to the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FRCA), there are a few things you cannot use a people search engine to seek. This section seeks to clearly identify the Do's and Don'ts of using PeopleFinderFree to achieve.