What Information is Available Through Email Search?

Owner Details

Catch the owner who keeps sending you irrelevant emails along with basic background information, including residence, education, marital status, social media accounts, etc.

Phone Number Details

Discover the sender's phone number, current mailing address, private email address, and residential information within seconds through an email search.

Social Networking

Find out their social networking circle, dating, profession, and all types of online social activities. With a few clicks, get both hidden and official profiles of anyone.

Web Surfing

Get to know about their web activity, footprints, blogs, websites, etc., using efficient email search tools.

Data Violation

This determines if an email address and its password have been leaked. Email lookup intelligently monitors the dark web, checks if data has been stolen, and protects your personal data.

Public Archives

Without wasting any time on paperwork and waiting in lines, you can search for criminal records, court records, marriages, or divorces online. In fact, it anonymously accesses the information.

What is Reverse Email Lookup?

A search technique for finding people by their email address is known as reverse email lookup. It actually finds out who is behind unprompted emails in your inbox. This lookup is conducted to reveal the identity of the owner and uncover all the possible details without even knowing them.

It is not a good practice to ignore an email received from an unknown resource, so with the help of any email search tool, one can find out who owns that specific email address. Such tools have massive databases and give you matched results. The email address lookup is handy in such cases where you want to confirm the person who met you online or trace a friend or family member.

Reverse email lookups assist in identifying fake social media accounts, fake names and keep you away from phishing emails. You will get to know the owner of an email address, full name, social media accounts, contact number, and more.

In short, this process will save you from manual searching, which is a lengthy and daunting task. Reverse email lookup can help you understand who may want to contact you and for what purpose.

How Reverse Email Lookup Works?

Reverse email lookup works when an unknown person contacts you and you have no idea about his identity. It assists in understanding who is contacting and for what purpose. Email search provides detailed data, including name, location, social media accounts, and its purpose, whether it is legal or not. You can even lookup email addresses using both bulk and single email search.

Such reverse email lookups are also referred to as email background checks. These are carried out by professionals where more precise information is required.

Email Address Search Top Steps

Test Authenticity of an Email Address

To verify whether the email address is authentic or not, an SMTP should be practiced. This Simple Mail Transfer Protocol checks the email by sending a request to the email address domain. Developed in 1982, it has undergone updates that makes it an efficient tool to check the validity of an email address.

Check the Quality of an Email Address

A good email profile depicts whether an address was created by a fake or a real person. However, having large numbers or various names on the email may seem doubtful. This step determines whether an email address is genuine or not.

Confirm Email Domain Quality and Type

There are both high-quality and low-quality email domain types. This comes with the account opening process. Some providers have simpler systems when creating an account, while others have a complicated authentication process that makes them more secure. The age of the email address should also be confirmed, which can be done by checking out the domain registration date.

What Can Email Address Lookup be Used for?

  • Confirming the Online Seller's/Buyer's Identity

    These days, e-commerce frauds are very common. Before you are going to make an online transaction, clear the doubts about the purchase and related to the site you are purchasing from. The reverse email address lookups help to identify if they are original sellers or scams.

  • Marketing Purposes

    For sales teams and marketers, it is good to check the validity of the provided email address. There are several chances that your team member is preparing a scam for you. So, you should know who are the real ones and scammers in your team.

  • Tracing an Old Friend or Relative

    As time passes, people move from one place to another. This causes a loss in many friends and relatives. With a email address search, you can add their email addresses to get the current and past location and phone number.

  • Internet Dating

    Online dating is very popular but it is a tough task to find more about an individual. You can find someone by email for free and get all the relevant information at your door from the Internet.

  • Analysis of Risks

    Any kind of business involves a risk of scams or frauds. However, it is important to learn about their user in terms of risk assessment, cybersecurity, and risk prevention.

  • Workplace Affairs

    Emails are a professional way to communicate at work. However, if a worker receives a group email from an unknown source, he should perform a reverse email lookup. It will determine if it is real, fake or you can rely on the sender or not.

How to Do a Reverse Email Lookup?

PeopleFinderFree provides a concise method to do a reverse email lookup. You only need to follow the below 3 steps to continue the process.

  • Step 1: Access the Website

    For this process, you don't need to have any app. Simply head over to the website and go to the “Email Lookup” option. In the given space, enter the email address of the target person. Click the “Search” button to proceed.

  • Step 2: Filter the Search Results

    The tool will provide you all the possible details and profiles against your entered email address. Filter down the search results and choose the relevant target profile. Tap the 'Access Report' option.

  • Step 3: Download and Check Out the Report

    This final step demands your email address to access the reverse email lookup report. Enter your card details for the payment process. After payment, you can choose the 'View My Report' option and get to know about the target person's details.

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Other Free Reverse Email Lookup Solutions

Searching on Google

Google is the only answer against everything that we are looking for. A free email search is also applicable here, so you can find out your target person. There are chances that the email contains some personal details on any online web portals.

By typing an email address, Google will perform deep research on your target and show you desired results. Google search is free of cost but doesn't offer a bulk research feature; that's why you have to search each email one by one. However, this type of search requires decent research for good results.

Searching on Social Media platforms

Type the email address of a target person in a search bar of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. A list of profiles created by that email address will be shown on the screen.

However, it is a limited method, as it is of no use if the target person does not have an account on any platform. You can also confirm the credibility of the given information and monitor the activity of the target person on those accounts.

Searching in Public Records

Public records are a beneficial way to find someone's information. Many government departments have stored information that can be accessed by the public. These records details related to property taxes, residential or licensing information. However, you can find target information against the individual's email.

Are These Email Search Methods Legal?

On average, an email user receives 16 harmful emails every month. The reverse email search methods save you from data loss and other issues. Most of the email search methods depend on the solutions that you use. Digital data leaves the track, and users of the service or service itself can be officially blocked by location.

However, if you have some privacy protection concerns, take a look at the Fair Credit Report Act, as it supervises the email search methods.

How to Avoid Email Scams and Frauds

When you have more data on a specific subject, it will be easier to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. In verifying the authenticity of an email address, a good suitable tool compares the email address to those found in data breaches. This process determines how many times the address has been used and how old it is. In this way, an individual avoids fraud.

Private companies and fraud prevention manage to share details to prevent any risk from reoccurring in the future. They perform this via public blacklisting websites, which is another beneficial resource to avoid frauds and scams.

Email lookup tools and methods have worked very well in combating these issues. These email search services provide quick and easy ways to reach real people.

What Our Customers Say?

user photo

Recently, I had been feeling strongly about reconnecting with an old friend of mine. However, I have tried several ways to track him, no results. At last, I was able to get his phone number and location through his email via PeopleFinderFree.

- Olivia, New York

user photo

After shifting to a new place, I was never about to immediately trust anyone around my children and me. With the help of the PeopleFinderFree lookup tool, I could finally verify the backgrounds of the community living around me by looking them up through their emails.

- Larry, Ohio

user photo

I got to know that the person that I was talking to was not a real person. He was trying to get the money from me. PeopleFinderFree verified that his email address was not real.

- Marie, Texas

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As a prominent businessman, I get a lot of business proposals from unknown emails. As I can not confirm each email, PeopleFinderFree finds out the owners of the emails so that I can contact back the relevant ones.

- Bruce, Hawaii

user photo

Recently, I had been feeling strongly about reconnecting with an old friend of mine. However, I have tried several ways to track him, no results. At last, I was able to get his phone number and location through his email via PeopleFinderFree.

- Olivia, New York

user photo

After shifting to a new place, I was never about to immediately trust anyone around my children and me. With the help of the PeopleFinderFree lookup tool, I could finally verify the backgrounds of the community living around me by looking them up through their emails.

- Larry, Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the reverse email lookup method work?

The reverse email lookup can help you in identifying the sender via any information that they have made to the online public. Usually, different methods for tracking an individual sending an unknown email through reverse email lookup. Using a person's name to find their email address is performed typically.

Can an IP address be tracked from an email address?

It may be Yes or No. Suppose someone sends a message to your Hotmail account that appears in the X-originating IP section of the headers. Although, an individual who sends you a message via Gmail will only trace back to a Google IP address.

Can I get someone's address by their email address?

An email reverse lookup possibly turns up current and previous addresses and the property details that are linked with the sender database.

Can I get someone's phone number by their email address?

A reverse email lookup may include the phone numbers linked with the email address of the sender if the information is available.

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