What Information is Available Through Email Search?

Full Name

The reverse email lookup service can help find the full name of a person associated with a particular email address.

Other Email Addresses

You can find other email addresses that are associated with the same person, which can be used to track down other accounts they may have online.

Social Media Profiles

A reverse email lookup can also reveal social media profiles linked with the email address, which may include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Phone Numbers

The service can discover phone numbers of the person associated with the email, which can be helpful for reaching out or identifying the owner of a phone number that has been calling you.

Location Information

An email search may also help determine the geographic location of the email owner, including city, state, and ZIP code.

Criminal Records

In some cases, the service may find criminal records associated with the email owner, which could include arrest reports, court records, or other types of criminal history.

What is Reverse Email Lookup?

Reverse email lookup is a tool that allows users to gather information about an individual using only their email address. When you do a reverse email lookup, you input an email address, and the tool returns details on the owner of the email address including their name, location, phone number, social media profiles, and other relevant information.

This type of search can be useful in a variety of situations, such as verifying the legitimacy of an email sender, identifying someone who's been harassing or stalking you via email, or simply obtaining more information about an individual you met online.

What Can Email Address Lookup be Used for?

  • Verifying Identities

    If you receive an email from someone whose identity you're not sure of, a reverse email lookup can help you clarify who sent it by showing the owner's name, location, and various other details.

  • Investigating Online Fraud

    If you receive an email that seems suspicious, a reverse email lookup can help reveal whether the sender has a history of online scams or fraud.

  • Finding Lost Friends or Family

    If you've lost touch with an old friend or family member and only have their email address, a reverse email lookup could help you find their current contact information.

  • Checking for Cheating Partners

    If you suspect your partner is cheating or communicating behind your back, a reverse email lookup can reveal whether they've created hidden email accounts to hide their activities.

  • Preventing Harassment

    If you're being harassed or threatened by someone via email, a reverse email lookup can help you identify the sender and provide evidence if needed.

  • Tracking Down Scammers

    If you've fallen victim to an online scam, a reverse email lookup can help identify the scammer and provide evidence that you can use to report them to authorities.

How to Do a Reverse Email Lookup?

Doing a reverse email lookup on People Finder Free is easy. Here's what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Access the website

    Simply head over to the top of this page and find the search bar.

  • Step 2: Enter the email address

    Input the email address you want to perform a reverse lookup on. Make sure to type the correct email address without any typos.

  • Step 3: Review the results

    There may be more than one result related to the target email address. Go through them carefully and find the one that best matches the target.

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Other Free Reverse Email Lookup Solutions


To use Google for a reverse email lookup, enter the email address in the search bar and carefully review the search results for any links, pages or information related to the email address. You can also try including additional details about the person you're searching for to get more specific and relevant search results.

Social Media Platforms

Many popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter allow you to search for people by their email address. Simply sign into a social media platform, type in the email address in question, and then look for any associated profiles or accounts linked to this email address.

You might also have to review the social media profiles to find any additional information about the person.

Public Records

Public records such as property ownership records and court records can also be searched for an email address. Free public record databases can usually be found online, and some of them may allow you to search for records by email address.

Once you find the records that are related to the email address, you may need to gather additional information about the person by exploring the records further.

Is It Legal to Perform a Reverse Email Lookup?

In general, publicly available information such as full name, address, and phone number can be accessed legally through a reverse email lookup. However, accessing information that is protected by privacy laws, such as financial information or medical records, is illegal without permission or a court order.

It's essential to note that using information obtained from a reverse email lookup to harass, harm or defame someone may also be illegal and could result in legal action against you.

How to Avoid Email Scams and Frauds

Email scams and frauds are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to distinguish from genuine emails. To avoid falling victim to these scams, you should be cautious of emails from unknown senders and refrain from giving out personal information.

If you suspect an email to be a scam, you can use reverse email lookup to determine the sender's identity.

What Our Customers Say

After shifting to a new place, I was never about to immediately trust anyone around my children and me. With the help of the PeopleFinderFree lookup tool, I could finally verify the backgrounds of the community living around me by looking them up through their emails.

- Larry, Ohio

I got to know that the person that I was talking to was not a real person. He was trying to get the money from me. PeopleFinderFree verified that his email address was not real.

- Marie, Texas

As a prominent businessman, I get a lot of business proposals from unknown emails. As I can not confirm each email, PeopleFinderFree finds out the owners of the emails so that I can contact back the relevant ones.

- Bruce, Hawaii

Recently, I had been feeling strongly about reconnecting with an old friend of mine. However, I have tried several ways to track him, no results. At last, I was able to get his phone number and location through his email via PeopleFinderFree.

- Olivia, New York

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a reverse email lookup provide information on email contents?

No, reverse email lookup only provides information on the owner of the email address such as name, address, phone number, and social media profiles associated with the email address. It does not provide any information on the content of the email.

How accurate are the results of a reverse email lookup?

The accuracy of the results obtained from a reverse email lookup depends on the quality of the data sources used by the service provider. People Finder Free's databases are regularly updated to make sure the results are as accurate as possible.

Can an IP address be tracked from an email address?

Tracing an IP address from an email is possible by reviewing the email's full header that contains the IP addresses of each server the email passes through. However, identifying the sender's actual IP address may require legal authorization and assistance from law enforcement.

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