There are different reasons why you will want to know how to find someone who is missing. Missing does not always mean that they are lost. You can also think of locating missing persons from your childhood. Moreover, there are many cases of kidnapping and severe accidents that cause memory loss.

In these matters, you need to focus on the bigger sources that will help you locate a missing person. This article will help you understand how to find someone who is missing with different techniques.

Contact the Police Immediately

The most important step is to involve the police in such a matter. Provide them with all the information you have about the lost person. If the person remains missing for more than a week, ask the police to put the person as a "Risked Person" on the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC) list.

This network makes sure to identify the missing person sharply. If you inform them about the person’s affected mental health, they might take quick action. However, you should understand that police cannot do much if the missing person is above 21, as it is not illegal to go missing.

Look into Online Directories

Online search directories are also helpful to find someone's address. If your very dear friend has gone missing oddly, check his contact and residence information on the following people search websites:


If your friend’s contact number is no longer exists and he also no longer lives at his place, you will be in a state of stress. Its people search will require his name and show his available information.

The PeopleFinderFree report will determine his death records, for there might be a possibility of his death. If you are looking for your old lost friend, PeopleFinderFree’s report containing his known phone numbers and email addresses will be helpful for you.


CocoFinder helps you find the missing person and all his available information. It has a people search service that requires the full name of the individual and returns his data. It finds out if someone dies or is in jail due to its connection with federal and state database records.

Moreover, you will also be provided with his updated email address and phone numbers. In case he has changed his whereabouts due to odd reasons, you will be informed of his revised phone number.

Contact Local Hospitals, Jails, and Coroners

If the missing person had no clash with anyone and went strangely missing, he might have met with an accident. They might have got a serious injury; therefore, they are unable to contact you. Call all the facilities in your area to check if there is any tragedy with the person.

One of the reasons may be that he was caught in any sort of burglary. Therefore, make sure to check jails and coroners. Be ready to face any kind of tragedy.

Reach Out to the Missing Person’s Friends and Acquaintances

Call and reach out to his friends and acquaintances. Ask them if they know his whereabouts or any important information that could help you find him. Besides friends, classmates, neighbors, or relatives, contact anyone who had regular interaction with the missing person. This can help his teachers, office colleagues, bus drivers, or dentists.

After the conversation with them, keep a record of those people. Encourage them to call you if they find something important. Update the police or any investigator that you hired about the determined information.

Contact the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)

Reach out to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) and upload the information about your missing person. This step will make it easy for the people to contact you if they have their whereabouts. Moreover, the medical examiners, law enforcement, and other peers of the justice community upload and take his information from the site.

Make sure to include every important information such as his physical appearance, schedule of a usual day, and where they were last seen.

Social media is a hub of all kinds of information. Many missing people sites upload all the people's details who have lost their memory or met with a deadly accident. Start a general inquiry in a missing people search engine or Google.

Type the person's name followed by the word "Missing" or "Accident." If nothing important happens, include additional information with the person's name like "Jane," "Missing," "California." Also, check the records of different hospitals as it can be the possibility of their memory loss after a deadly incident.

Utilize Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and other social media accounts can help you find your loved ones with ease. Look deeply into all of their social accounts and check if there is something odd with him.

Moreover, create a Facebook page or website and use a heading like "Find John Snow" as it will reach out to the public more loudly. Post a picture of the missing person with all the specific information you have. You can also try creating a story or a YouTube video where you are talking about your loved person’s odd missing.

Check their Phone’s Location

There can be various reasons why you want to trace someone's location. If you met your friend a few hours ago and now they are not responding to you, there might be the possibility that they are in danger.

GPS is a vital aspect of finding someone's location and situation. Check their phone's location and trace where they are. You can do so with the GPS tracking feature of Spyic that gives the exact location of the place and its neighborhood areas. If you find something fishy, you can connect to the police and visit their GPS location.

Post Photos of the Missing Person in Local Places

Post pictures of the missing person near his office, house, university, or any place they visit daily. It will help the local people know about his disappearance and find his maximum information. Post those pictures that focus on his face and the upper part of the body.

Make sure to add his physical appearances, like the clothes he was wearing and hairstyle on the day of the disappearance. Drop your contact information for the people who find something important for the matter.

Look into a Missing Persons Database

Search on the different national and international databases that are designed to help people locate the missing people. You can contact them for fast services. Register yourself on an additional database in order to gain access to their free services and multiple resources to help you find your missing person.

There are situations where ill-patients or children go missing. The National Center for missing and exploited children specializes in giving information about children who are missing.

Free Ads can be an effective way to find your missing child or friend. Take help from the newspaper and social media applications, and take out a free Ad. Be sure to put small details of the missing person, which will be helpful to locate him.

However, it is important to make the ads eye-catching in order to attract maximum people. Keep your contact information on the ads so people can contact you if they find useful data.

Go To The Local News Outlet

Involving the media is essential to make a public announcement of the truth that you are looking for someone important. Send them complete information. If the person is kidnapped, the kidnappers might leave him after seeing the extremity of the situation. If he has left the city on his will, he may decide to return.

Ask the news outlet to publish an article about the missing person along with his complete details.

Hire a Private Investigator

Taking your problem to the police is an essential step. However, understand that police will only investigate your case to an extent because they have multiple cases to resolve. A private investigator will look into the problem as much as you will do.

Consider hiring an investigator and inform him about all details. If something was wrong with the person or he was acting weirdly, all details should be mentioned to the investigator. This will help him have a deeper look into the matter so he can put maximum effort and investigate the important zones.

Request Federal Records

Federal records of any country contain extensive information about people registered in that country. It also has death records, missing people data, criminal records, and kidnapped children data.

Different law enforcement and justice departments post pictures of missing and exploited children that you can access through federal records. You will have to do a thorough search to check if your missing person has been reported lost or a criminal in the federal records.

Check out Public & State Records

Public and state records of countries have genuine information about every individual living there. They have access to people's death records, their criminal history, address, phone number, and document transactions with government agencies.

Public records help to identify the court cases, lawsuits, or any other inconvenience that happened with the person nationwide. With the help of public records, you can identify the current residence and phone number of your missing person. If he himself has changed his phone number and location, you can still access him.

Resources for Finding Missing Children

Some organizations work to shelter the lost children. Following are the resources that can help you find your missing child:

  • Center for Missing and Exploited Children:

This website deals with investigating children's missing cases per enforcement agency.

  • Association of Missing and Exploited Children’s Organization (AMECO):

AMECO is a national organization that serves and protects exploited children and their families.

  • National Runaway Safeline:

This website helps the exploited youth and adults with health care and alternate living to victims of labor and trafficking.


The article has explained a detailed list of steps to find a lost person. The helpful approaches include contacting the police, reaching the local media, and accessing federal or state records.

Moreover, if you are finding missing persons from your childhood, run a people search service on them via mentioned online search directories. The article will be obliging to all the people discovering how to find missing persons.

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