Divorce records are something that is not usually kept hidden from the world and are dealt with extreme care and caution. Not only are these matters handled by the court, but appropriate decisions are also taken along with it. It ensures that the lives of the people associated with it are protected and taken care of. 

However, whenever someone intends to look up a divorce record of a certain individual, it is quite simple to carry out the process successfully.

We intend to provide you with maximal information associating a great divorce record by covering the following parts:

Are Divorce Records Public?

Divorces are handled across the court, it is believed that the public should be vigilant to ensure that the judges are performing their duty to perfection. With such beliefs, it is considered significant to keep the records of such matters public. Most of the documents that are associated with the divorce are available for taking. This means that any individual can access these files and view the associated information with them.

Public divorce records majorly comprise divorce decrees and certificates, which are the most important documents in any divorce. There are multiple ways that can be undertaken to obtain the desired divorce records. It includes accessing through the government, private companies that hold databases, or an in-depth Google search. The user should have certain information with them which would allow them to find the required divorce record.

Although most divorce records are for the view of the public, there are cases that are kept confidential and hidden from the commoners.

What Information Do I Need to Search for Divorce Records?

A divorce record can include a significant amount of information against the individuals who are involved in the divorce. Searching through a divorce record can be quite simple and easy, as it requires a little information to look across the databases. This little information can be the first and last names of the people who have divorced.

Public record sites offer results across minimal information. However, if you wish to find a divorce record, it is preferred to provide better information. More information can lead to accurate results, which saves your time from wasting in searching the right record from extensive databases.

While using public records, people usually pay money for accessing records. If a user provides lesser information, they may waste their money over a report having similar credentials with the wrong individual. Thus, it is preferred to have extensive information to search for divorce records. There is specific information that is considered important for refining the search results of the user, which is provided as follows:

  • First and Last Name of the Bride and Groom
  • Name of the City or State where the Divorce was Filed
  • Finalized Date of Divorce
  • Address of the Individual Involved in the Divorce

Although public divorce records are available publicly, there can be cases where they might be sealed by the court. Additional information such as written approvals from governments or state courts is required for accessing these records.

How to Find Divorce Records?

There are multiple public record sites that provide users with information across searching an individual, including their divorce records. PeopleFinderFree tool provides effective and accurate results to its users while covering all basic information associated with the person that is being searched.

PeopleFinderFree helps its users obtain unique and specific information related to the divorce records they intend to search for. It functions as a search engine for providing direct access to its users. With a user-friendly interface, it is extremely easy for users to search for divorce records. PeopleFinderFree is a reliable, browser-based tool that would cater to all your needs by providing simple information to look upon.

To understand how to find divorce records online across the PeopleFinderFree platform, you need to look across the following steps:

Step 1: Add Basic Details

Open the official website of PeopleFinderFree and provide the first and last name of the individual across the search column.  Add the location in the section and tap on 'Search.'

Step 2: Filter your Results

You can add more relevant information to filter your results. After filtering the results to their minimum, you need to access the profile that resembles your information. Now, tap on "Access Report."

Step 3: Download and Access Report

You may need to provide an email address and your card information to pay for the report before downloading it. Once you have provided your email address and card information, you need to tap on ‘View My Report’ to find all the details relevant to the divorce records.

Who can Access Divorce Records?

Usually, divorce records are available  and can be looked at across public records; there are some exceptional cases. Cases that usually involve important people and celebrities are hidden from public records. In other cases, the court closes a few of the cases where they find hidden profiles on the social networks. It is up to the court to seal the divorce record on their own.

The people who are involved in the divorce are allowed to file an application for requesting closure of their divorce records. Although transparency is an important part of the judiciary process, there are cases where it becomes necessary to seal such records. Under such circumstances, people are not allowed to access divorce records. Restricted personnel or people under allowances can access such records.

As stated before, there are special reasons that influence divorce records to be sealed. These reasons can be considered as follows:

  • The court usually seals documents to protect the identity of children of the divorced couple.
  • Records are sealed for looking out for the victims of abuse.
  • Certain information related to the divorce needs to be sealed to protect the reputation of the people involved in the divorce.

When such reasons are involved in a divorce case, the court considers sealing the information. However, if any person wishes to access these divorce records, they need to have a special grant from the government, state, or county. Along with that, they can also get the approval of the individuals themselves to get the public record divorces.


The article featured distinctive information explaining how divorce records are available publicly. It has been shown that such information is available across major public databases. As divorce records are for public use, they can be accessed from appropriate channels. This article introduces PeopleFinderFree as the tool that features a simple interface for finding divorce records.

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