Social networks are platforms that help people communicate with each other and stay in touch. It is possible to find new and old friends on the platforms. Since the networks are meant to provide a platform to communicate, people provide information on how you can get in touch with them.

It is easier to find information about a friend you already have on the platform. But on the other hand, people might need to find information about a new person for various purposes. In situations such as looking for a lost child, parent, or a friend you have not seen in years, it is possible to find them through searching for their profiles on social networks. What this means is that it is possible to find anybody on earth as long as they have an account on various social networks across the world.

All social networks developed around the world have features that allow it to be easy to find someone. It is not a crime to search for someone on social networks since they have already agreed to have their information published on the platform in the first place. Since the information is public, there are various ways to find someone on social platforms. This blog is meant to show you five ways you can use to find hidden profiles or profiles you are seeking, on various social networks. Each of the five strategies works differently, meaning that a person has to choose one of them at a time.

Search by Nickname

The first strategy a person can use to find hidden profiles, or a specific profile, is through searching for any profile that has a person’s nickname. Some people provide their nicknames when creating various social network accounts. As a result, it is easy to find them through their nicknames.

When using a person using a nickname, it is critical to know other ways to find a person to make sure they find the right one. The reason why this is important is that many people might have the same nickname, and the results after searching might offer multiple results. It is up to the person searching to figure out who is the right person they are looking for from the results.

Use the Username

The second strategy is using a person’s username. When searching for hidden or forgotten profiles, it is possible to remember the username used on the account. If you have information about the username, you can write the name of the search icon, and the results will show you the result you wanted, or several results, with the profile you are looking for being one of them.

Using a person’s username might be the best strategy to use since only one person can have a specific username, but the challenge might be to remember the complete username. Some have numbers, different casing, or signs at different parts of the name. it is therefore necessary to use another strategy after searching for the username to find the profile you are looking for.

Search by Phone Number

It is also possible to find a person or their profile through their phone number. Although in most cases, it is the other way round with someone trying to reach a person to get their phone number, with a phone number, it is easier to get someone’s profile on social networks.

The steps to do so are easy, the first thing to do is to have the phone number ready. With the phone number, you can write it on the search icon and the results will be provided to you. The results will include all the accounts on the social network you are on that have the phone number registered as the user’s contact. If you need more information on how to search for a hidden profile, visit PeopleFinderFree, you will find more information and steps to take. PeeopleFinderFree is a website that provides readers with articles on various topics on how to find people. The information on the websites may help you find people or various profiles on social media.

Find Social Media Profiles by Email Address

Apart from mobile numbers, the other way that people open or create social media profiles is through their email addresses. Each email address is unique from all the others in the world. As a result, email addresses are used since each account can be linked to a unique email address for everybody.

The process to find the profile through the email address is by searching the email address on the social media platform you want. You have to know the complete email address for this strategy to work. The results will probably be the profile you are looking for.

Track the Location

The fifth step is tracking the location indicated by the account user. When searching for a specific profile, you might have information about the location where the user lives or works. In most cases, people include search information when creating their profiles.

When searching for the profile, it is possible to search for the files according to location. After the results according to the location are provided, you might then go through them and find the profile you are looking for.

Use the Account Photos

The bonus point as to how you can find hidden profiles on social networks is through photos. This is the most critical point and can work with any of the other ideas provided. When looking for a person’s profile, it is common to remember how they look.

When searching for a profile, the profile picture is usually what assures you that you have found the right profile. A good example is that, after you have searched the username, nickname, or location, several results will be provided. After scrolling through the results, a picture of the owner of the account set as the profile picture will be the key identifier that you have found the right profile.


In conclusion, if you are looking for an account you activated but forgot the log-in information, or looking for a friend’s or family member’s social media account, do not be worried anymore. There are six ways you can find the account you are looking for in 2021.

You can easily find the profile you are looking for if you know their nickname or if you know the username used to create the profile. The phone number used to create the profile, or included as the contact can also help you find the profile you are looking for. The email address used is also another way to find the profile you need. The other things you can do to find the profile tracks the location of the profile, or use the photos posted. Technology has made it easy to find people or lost profiles.

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