Marriage is an essential event in anyone's life as it is a binding legal contract. Marriage records are crucial and kept by the local or government authorities. Such records behave as proof that a marriage has occurred when the couple has decided to separate, take custody, or other disputes.

Public Marriage records are vital records that are kept for a long period. These also keep the record of the growth or decline of the population.

In this article, we will discuss the best tools to get marriage records. Also, we will cover a few alternatives to get the same task done by them.

Why are Marriage Records Important?

Marriage records have become an essential part as it contributes to many important processes. Here are some reasons that explain why marriage records are important.

Agreement to Law

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Statistic Information

The crucial records, including marriage records, are filed with the state office of vital statistics and used by many government organizations, religious bodies, and businesses. The records can be used to study the population growth or decline, family life stability, the pattern of living, and more.

Validity of Marriage Documents

Marridage public records verify the validity of marriage documents which are presented as marriage proof. The stamp and signatures of the authorized persons confirm that the document is genuine.

Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance provides protection to you and your spouse in the death event. It saves you from financial hardships in the future. If you don't update the insurance policy after marriage, then your spouse may not receive the benefits.

Custody Conflicts

When you are married and getting a divorce, you also need to think of custody in the divorce's event. But the marriage records can make the process easier, and the court will consider you for custody. These records are important for proper identification and for the courts to recognize the marriage.

What Information is Required for a Marriage License Records Search?

For marriage records, providing the following information may help to easily access the applicant as well as the online public record service provider or the record keeper.

  • Full Name of Husband and Wife
  • Marriage Date
  • County the Marriage License was Provided
  • Name of the Wife's Maiden
  • Applicant's Name and Mailing Address
  • Contact Number of Husband and Wife
  • Applicant Signature

Some states need the applicants to fill request forms and pay mandatory charges while submitting the form online. The applicant may be needed to fill in necessary details calling for information that would help in finding records.

How to Find Marriage Records?

PeopleFinderFree is an online public information tool that behaves like a search engine. This service is used to track down any person from your past or find out information about any doubtful person. PeopleFinderFree's search engine is linked with various public records.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find marriage records via PeopleFinderFree.

    • Step 1: Visit the Website and Enter the Details

Visit PeopleFinderFree website from any browser. Now you are required to enter the person’s first and last name in the search area. Add the location of a person and click the 'Search' option.

    • Step 2: Filter the Results

The users can also apply filters to narrow down the results. Click the 'Access Report' of the required profile to have all the details you are looking for.

    • Step 3: Export and View the Report

You need to give the email address to download the report. Enter the card details and start with the payment. Go to the 'View My Report' option and wait for the results.

However, the entire process of marriage license records search is easy, safe, and simple.

PeopleFinderFree Alternatives to Find Public Marriage Records

PeopleFinderFree has the ability to provide enough information on the marriage records. Furthermore, there are some alternatives to find public marriage records that we will cover in this part.

    • Online Websites Alternative

The two main bodies that kept official marriage records were religious bodies such as churches and state offices in the past. Today, information about the marriage of two persons is publicly registered and can be accessed online through certified websites such as, which provide easy access to public records in full compliance with all laws relating to the keeping of certain information.

    • State Office Alternative

The state office for vital records or equivalent places where the marriage is held gives access to the marriage records. They issue the verified and official copies of marriage documents approved by the law to get them.

    • Public Marriage Records Alternative

Public marriage records can be viewed on the official website of the state or records of various states. Although marriage records are available to most of the public members, access to information can be limited to the names of the couple, the place and date of the wedding, the types of documents found on the record, and the reference number of the document.

    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC can provide details on marriages that are held abroad. A request is sent to find the marriage records of the US citizens that are held outside of the US.

What are the Possible Uses of Marriage Records?

Spouse's Name on Passport and Visa Application

Now the addition of your spouse's name to your passport requires your marriage certificate, which behaves as proof of your marriage. In addition, the spouse visa application also demands the couple to get their marriage records.

Joint Bank Accounts and Bank Loans

A marriage record is necessary to show in the bank for all those couples who want to operate a joint account. These records are proof of the relationship when the couples are looking to avail the bank loan facility.

Change of Name

A marriage certificate is required to change one's last name to the marital name before the name goes to be printed on important documents, including driver's license, tax, insurance, etc.

Proof of Marital Status

In the various private and government establishments, one should present bona fide proof of marriage as the spouse. It is crucial in matters like filing taxes, taking loans for buying a house, insurance plans, etc.

Future Disputes

A marriage record protects false denial of marriage by one of the spouses. It specifies the doubts about the date and legality of the marriage in the case of unpleasant circumstances between spouses involving divorce, maintenance, and other cases.


Verified marriage records are one of the most important documents when you are filing the immigration application and papers.

Will Probation

The most important and vital document-a marriage record is required to file the claims to the property and wealth of your dead spouse. It is also needed to complete the will themselves before their death.

Tips about Searching Public Marriage Records

If you are looking at how can I find out if someone is married and having any sort of trouble, then here we are going to list down the general tips:

  • You need to narrow the search for marriage records by searching for the age and birthplace of the first child. Begin your search a year before the birth of the child. Also, tracing your ancestors' records through City Directories can be beneficial.
  • Look for the marriage records for all family members. The details found on siblings' records may include beneficent details that are not available on the ancestor's record.
  • If you find a record in a marriage directory, always follow and request a real record. Go to the database title, and the source and description details on the collection page will tell you where the records are maintained.
  • It is possible that the marriage was not registered in the same region where the marriage took place. Therefore, the record is likely to be in a separate County Record Office at what you would expect.
  • Always check the text and indexes of records in the original text because there may be transcription errors.
  • Discuss with the surviving family members and find out about the couple in the question. It should include their full names, where and when they got married, and what religion they were in.
  • Search your regional marriage register. You can search for them online on many websites, and you can also view them at your County Record Office.


1. What Information Does A Marriage Record Include?

Different states and counties followed different laws when collecting marriage information. But usually includes the name of a groom and bride, the place where they get married. The records contain other information such as the bride's and groom's age, their residence, jobs, and their date and place of birth.

2. How Do I Find My Ancestor's Marriage Record?

To find the ancestor's marriage record, you can check online indexes, digital images, repositories, like archives and libraries. You can also get the certificate from the government agency. If you can not find your ancestor's record in civil records, then find it with churches or synagogues in the areas where they lived.

3. Why Would I Want To Search For A Marriage Record?

A marriage record search gives the exact date and place where you get married. It shows the date/place of birth and lists the names and birthplaces of the bride's and groom's parents.


The above article has discussed the ways and details on how to find public marriage records. It is crucial information that is required in many cases after marriage. You can go for mentioned alternative methods to access the marriage records, including online websites or public marriage records.

It may be a hectic task to go through the public records, so we have explained about the PeopleFinderFree tool that assists in finding the specific records of your relatives or friends.

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