There are a number of reasons why you might want to know someone's birthday without questioning them. Maybe you want to know someone's birthday so that you can arrange a surprise birthday party for them, or perhaps you just want to prank them or make their special day more memorable.

Birthdays are memorable occasions in one's life. You certainly do not want to miss out on your dear ones' birthdays or organize the celebration on an incorrect day. Remembering all of your relatives' birthdays is difficult.

Maybe you forgot about your loved one's own birthday and have to get them a present or plan a romantic evening. You might also have forgotten someone's birthday and wish to find out without having to ask them. Whatever the purpose, if you need to find their birthday without knowing about it, this page provides the answer for you. Yes! You read it right! It is possible to find someone’s birthday without asking them directly.

We'll explain to you how and where to find out someone's birthday in a few different ways.

We’ll cover:

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Use PeopleFinderFree for Your DOB Search

PeopleFinderFree is a simple, quick, and reliable tool for determining someone's birth date. It is a web-based application that can be accessible from any internet browser. All you have to do is enter the intended person's name and address.

Through our enormous, networked information network, PeopleFinderFree gives you access to billions of public and semi-public databases. Use our lightning-fast engine to locate people quickly and easily. It's cheaper than hiring a private investigator or doing it manually.

You can use People Finder Free to learn more about someone as soon as you meet them. It connects to thousands of government directories to assist you find someone's birthday using their name and location.

PeopleFinderFree not only finds a person's birth date but also their phone numbers and social media accounts. Here's how to use PeopleFinderFree to look up your DOB:

  • Step 1: Fill up the Person's Information

    Go to the PeopleFinderFree website.

    In the search bar, type the first and last name of the person you're seeking information from.

    Fill in the person's location.

    Press the search button.

  • Step 2: Filter the Results of Your Search

    All people with that name in a specific state will be listed in the search results. Find the record you're looking for by comparing the details to the one you're looking for.

    When you identify the appropriate profile, click the ‘Access Report' button to look into the details you didn't know previously.

  • Step 3: View and Download the Report

    To download the report, enter your email address.

    Provide your credit card information and begin the payment process.

    Select ‘View My Report' and take in all of the information that appears.

How to Find someone’s Birthday using the popular Social Media Sites?

When you need to know someone's valuable information, such as their birthday, social network profiles come in very handy. Because most people are quite upfront with their personal details and post their birthdays on various Social Networking Sites, it's apparently the first place to search. Here's how to search for someone's birthday on social networking sites.

Using Instagram:

Check at someone's Instagram profile's 'Bio' for some basic details. It's right next to their Instagram username and photo. Either you follow them or not, you can access their bio information.

Another alternative is to look through their tagged or posted photographs, as well as their story highlights, for birthday-related postings.


If you'd like to figure out somebody's birthday through your social network, Facebook is your best chance. It's probable that they've included their date of birth in their 'About' section. You could also find out by scrolling over their Facebook timeline and seeing when their friends greeted them with a happy birthday. Try another approach if they haven't added their birthday on Facebook or if you can't access that information.


Snapchat allows you to look for a gemstone that will lead you to its zodiac sign. Additionally, if you keep a close eye on the chat list, you'll notice a cake lit with candles alongside their avatar on their birthdays.

Snapchat, unlike most other social networking sites, does not show the user's birth date. It's a complicated and unfavourable method of determining one's birthday.


Another social networking site that gives information on a person's birthdate is LinkedIn. Browse through their profile and messages for birthday greetings. If the individual whose birthday you're interested in has uploaded their information, the site notifies every one of their connections of the birthday. Individuals will be notified if you view their LinkedIn profile.

Information through Conversation

You can use conversational manipulation to get the other person to divulge their birth date. But, this will only happen if you can start discussing it. Talking to someone is the weirdest way to find out their birthday. Instead of asking them, have an indirect dialogue with them. Knit the discussion as it progresses from one topic to the next. If you get along well with that person, you can engage them in a stimulating conversation.

Don't ask them when their birthday is direct. This will make them realize you have forgotten about it.

You might, however, inquire about their birthday in general, such as, "Is your birthday on a weekend this year?" They may begin to calculate and reveal the date. Begin to talk about birthday twins and associating personality attributes to them. This is a great method that works wonders. Use celebrities or people from your circle of friends and family to contrast with. Begin with your birthday twins and then request that they do the same.

Consider other innovative ways to find the birth date you're looking for quickly. Then you can plan a spectacular birthday celebration for your loved ones.


Don't forget to wish someone a happy birthday any longer. There are a few ways to find out someone's birthday without them knowing and throw them a surprise birthday party. You can find out a person's birth date by looking at their social media pages or speaking with a common friend.

Nonetheless, you may always utilize PeopleFinderFree to quickly find out someone's birthdate. With just a few clicks on PeopleFinderFree, you'll get all the information you need! Make the most of the knowledge and create cherished moments with your loved ones. Also, don’t further forget their special day anymore.

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