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Naming holds a very dear place in our lives as they represent our identity and even culture. Every parent wishes to add distinctive elements in their baby’s name, be it with the first or striking last name. However, it’s nowhere near an easy task. Here, let's talk about the top surnames with the letter 'A' for helping out young parents.

Top 5 Popular Last Names that Start with A

Many people look forward to changing the practice of using ancestral names with something unique. Thereby, surnames can be chosen by their beautiful origin, meaning, and popularity. So, without any further delay, let’s dive into the top-rate last names that start with “A.”

Recognized as Alan in England, this name has a British and Scottish origin from the 17th and 18th Centuries. More known as Alan across countries like Ireland, Scotland, and England, this name had its popularity within the sector. With the progression in time, it settled its meaning as being handsome and displaying harmony.

Being a patronymic name to Andrew, this popular surname has an English origin. This name has been discovered throughout the southern English region and is recognized as a popular surname in Scotland.

One of the most common surnames of all time, Anderson, derives itself from the Greek name 'Andreas' meaning 'Son of Andrew.' This name has had its popularity within the European region, where it maintained its own versions of the name.

With a comprehensive meaning of 'Great, Magnificent,' Austin is another prominent surname with a promising ancestry. This name has been considered the most popular throughout Western Europe in the Middle Ages. Along with that, it had developed its shape under the shelter of Christianity.

This name has its biblical origins with the meaning of 'The Ground' or 'Earth.' While developing its popularity across the English and German region, Adams has absorbed itself in multiple cultures alongside its Hebrew connection.

Famous People Name Origins & Meaning (Surname Start with A)

This part introduces readers to various people that have had their surnames starting from 'A.'

Being the 2nd President of the United States of America, John Adams had a huge influence on his name. With a Hebrew connection, 'Adams' is known as a Biblical and religious name with the base meaning of 'The Man.' This surname has been extremely popular throughout people.

Another important US politician of the past, Fred G. Aandahl, holds a surname that has been recognized in various versions throughout the world. This name is quite common in the Norwegian region and has spread its influence across other regions too. Fred G. Aandahl was a renowned Governor of North Dakota during the late 1940s.

John E. Abele has been a veteran billionaire and a businessman who co-founded Boston Scientific. This name originates from the European regions and has made its influence under the meaning of 'Apple Tree.'

This name is quite popular in the modern acting industry and has been seen on the screen various times. Ben Affleck has starred in multiple blockbuster films. The surname originates from the Scottish regions with Gaelic origins, which refers to its meaning as 'Field.'

Abernathy means ‘Mouth of the River Nethy’ and has a very beautiful and attractive eminence in being a renowned surname. He holds an executive summary of being a group president in Kimberly-Clark.

Short Last Names that Start with A

There is a very prolonged list of short last names that have been discovered throughout the region. The following list displays various surnames that start with 'A.'


The European region certainly holds its reputation for providing impressive surnames due to its vast heritage. These unique last names are enough to make an outstanding statement. We hope looking at different A letter names has surely helped you in picking a name for your young one.