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Here we have a list of the top last names starting with B. These names are recognized by different communities all over the world. You can explore this list to narrow down your list of favorite names for your newborn baby. We will also share the history, meaning, and origin of these names to help you understand them better. You can use it to track your ancestry and find the true meaning of your last name online.

Top 5 Common Last Names That Start with B (With their Meanings & Origins)

Everyone likes to have a meaningful last name that gives them a unique identity. However, there’s much more to the last name as it connects you with your ancestors. The most popular last names that we found are Bailey, Butler, Buchanan, Black, and Bauer.

Bailey- More than 74,267 people in the United States have Bailey as their surname. The name is most popular in Texas with 6,659 people sharing this surname. Bailey stands for purity and the name has a Norman-French origin. Both boys and girls can share this name.

Butler- More than 53,441 people share this last name in the United States. The last name is most popular in Texas. The name originated from latin word ‘Buticula’ that stands for wine Steward.

Buchanan- It is the third most popular last name in the United States with more than 52,788 people sharing it. The name originated from the District of Buchanan. It is a Scottish name with the highest numbers in California, North Carolina, and Texas.

Black- The fourth most popular last name is Black, often heard in Florida and California. More than 52,530 people share this last name that goes to the ancestry of Scottish and English communities.

Bauer- Thousands of people have Bauer as their last name in California, United States. The meaning of this name is associated with Farmer or peasant in German. 50,592 residents of the United States share this surname.

Famous Singers With Last Names That Start With B

You can find hundreds of famous singers with last names starting with B. Singers from different countries and communities may share a last name with different origins as well. Here are the top 3 singers with last names that start with B.

Justin Bieber: He is one of the most popular singers of all time. Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer with some of the trending songs in the world. ‘Baby’ and ‘Peaches’ are the most popular songs released by him.

Melanie Brown: Everyone knows Melanie for her famous song “Lullaby”. She is an English singer, rapper, actress, and songwriter. She is one of the most famous personalities of the '90s who got early success for some of her popular albums.

Bobby Brown: Bobby Brown is a singer and songwriter from America. He joined a famous brand with his first album as ‘Candy Girl’. After making a huge success in the industry, he had some personal problems that nearly ended his career.

Short Last Names That Starts With B

Some people love to keep a short last name that is easy to pronounce and keep the focus on their first name. Here are some of the shortest last names that start with B.

Box: It is the most famous last name starting with B. More than 7021 people share it as their last name. It is an English surname believed to have originated from a place somewhere in England.

Bey: It is one of the most famous last names that start with B. More than 5051 people share it as their surname that originated from Turkey. It is a title given to those having high ranks in the community.

Bao: Although it is not one of the most popular surnames, more than 1034 people have their last name as Bao. It is the romanization of two famous last names that give it a unique identity. The last name originated from China.


B is the second letter of the alphabet that has some interesting last names. Here, we shared some of the most popular last names and famous personalities starting from the letter B. You can also explore the ancestry of each of these from our collection.