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We shared a list of some popular and meaningful last names starting with C on this page. You can check this list to find some interesting names along with their meanings. According to the US census, these names include all the citizens across 50 states of this country. It means you can find some reliable data without worrying about any limitations.

Top 5 Famous Last Names That Start With C

Here are the Top 5 famous last names starting With C along with their meaning and frequency.

Clark - Clark is the most famous last name that starts with the letter C and over 106683 people have it as their surname. It means the member of a religious order or a Priest.

Carter - It is the second most popular last name with over 95000 citizens of the US with this surname. The meaning of this name is a person who helps in moving and transportation work.

Cooper - Cooper is Indeed a popular name that is named over a professional that makes or repairs wooden vessels. The name is mentioned around 86338 times in the US-census.

Campbell - Campbell is a representation of the French name Hamel which means ‘the fair field’. More than 84021 people are associated with its ancestry.

Collins - It is a popular last name that is short of the name Nicholas. The last name is associated with more than 81031.

Movie Stars With Surnames That Start With C

Here are some of the most popular movie stars whose surnames start with C.

Nicolas Cage

He is a famous movie star who has created a decent career in the film industry. He is known for his famous movie ‘Leaving Las Vegas.

Nick Cannon

He is a famous writer and actor who has registered one of the most popular films Drumline in 2002. He has also worked on the famous movie ‘ Men in Black 2’.

Steve Carrell

He is the main lead of the famous TV series ‘ The Office’. He is also featured in movies like ‘The 40-year-old virgin’ and ‘ Foxcatcher’.

Mariah Carey

She is a New-York based movie actress who is famous for her role in the movie ‘Precious’. She has also starred in her self-titled movie ‘Mariah Carey’.

Jim Carrey

He is a comic actor with dozens of famous movies in his name. He is most popularly known for a comedy genre movie ‘Dumb and Dumber.

Short Last Names that Start with C

Here is a list of some short last names starting with C.


It is one of the shortest surnames that is associated with leading qualities. The ancestry is followed by 67674 people in the United States.


Cea is a famous last name that was given to the knights or the servant of knights. Most of the people with this last name are found in California.


It is also considered one of the shortest surnames due to its pronunciation. The last name is most common in Texas.


It is often used as a nickname for someone who has a lump on his face. The ancestry of this last name is quite diverse for the same reason.


Do you know that Benjamin Franklin wanted to remove C and introduce a new word he invented? However, the letter is quite important to the alphabet now. You can find many interesting and meaningful last names with the letter C. In the above list, you will find different last names associated with different ancestries.