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This list includes some of the most popular last names that start with D. It is a completely updated list that gives you the popularity, meaning, and origin of each name. You can also visit other pages of PeopleFinderFree to find last names with other letters as well.

Top 5 Generic Last Names That Start With D

Davis - Davis is the most popular last name that starts with D. The name originated from England and is used to define the “Son of David”. The name is common in different states of the United States and is preferred by a lot of people.

Diaz - Diaz is another last name that has its roots in almost all the states of the country. The meaning of the name is “Son of Diego” and is a pure American family name. That is the reason why we can still find over 72,000 people sharing this ancestry.

Dixon - It may sound a bit different but the meaning of Dixon is “Son of Richard”. The term is famous for the Anglo-Saxon descendant and people have been using it as their last name ever since.

Daniels - This last name originated from English Family with a simple meaning “Judgement of God”. The name is popular in California and Texas and these two states alone have more people with this surname than the rest of the states.

Duncan - This last name was used as a title for the Scottish men. The term became popular for dark-haired men and stands for the literal meaning. More than 46,490 people use it as their last name in the United States of America.

Famous People Name Origins & Meaning (Surname Start with D)

Ever wondered about famous people’s last names and their meaning? Here are a few of them.

John Dalton

He is a famous scientist and meteorologist who introduced the atomic theory in chemistry. His last name Dalton means “Being Smart” and originated from English countries.

Mark Dacascos

He is a famous actor and martial artist. His last name Dacascos has Spanish ancestry and there are different meanings of this last name in different countries.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is a famous actor popularly known for his film Good Will Hunting. His last name Damon means “To kill” which has a Greek connection and shares the same ancestry.

Is It Necessary to Have a Last Name?

People with a singular name are called Mononymous. No law requires you to have a last name. It means you can easily get all your legal work without adding the last name to your name. You can simply use a one-word name for all the legal matters.

However, it may require you to fill an exceptional application in some private-agency cases that may turn out as a lengthy process.

There are still some countries like Indonesia where having a singular name is quite common.


Famous last names like Davis and Daniels are introduced by the letter D. In this list of 1000 popular last names starting with D, we covered the popularity along with the origin & meaning of each name.

It is important to know the real meaning of your name and that is why we generated this list of popular and unique names.