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This page covers the top 1000 popular last names starting with E. Here you can find some interesting last names along with their meaning and origin. All these names are ranked according to their frequency and popularity in the United States.

Therefore, you can simply check out the popularity trend of any name state-wise or in the whole country with a single click.

Top 5 Popular Last Names That Start With E

Check out the list of Top 5 most popular last names starting with E. You will also find the origin and meaning of each name available in the list.

Evans - Evans is the most popular last name with over 90,000 people who mentioned it as their surname. This name has a Welsh origin and stands for “Son of Evan”.

Escobar - It is a pretty popular last name in the United States that stands for a person who lives in a place around the broom. The name originated from Segovia, a city in Spain. However, it is not limited to this area as the name depends on the environment of a place.

Elliot - Eliott is a personal name that is used as a surname by more than 39,224 people in the United States. The origin of this name is Scottish and different social groups claim different meanings of this name.

Erickson - Erickson is one of the most common surnames that you can find in all the parts of the United States. The name stands for “Son of Erick” and originated from Germany.

Ellison - Ellison is a popular surname in the United States that originated from Old English areas. The simple meaning of this name is “Son of Elly”. Around 19,572 people recognize it as their official surname in the United States.

Famous People with Surnames That Start with E

Here are the three most popular people with surnames starting with E. You can check them out along with their meaning and origin here.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans is a famous American actor famous for his role as Captain America. His surname Evans stands for Son of” Evan”. The name originated from Welsh and is quite popular in the United States.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is a famous actor who is known for his famous movie “Man with no name”. His last name Eastwood has English origin and is used by the individual who has a connection with the east to the woods.

Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke is a famous cricketer from the Australian Cricket Team. His surname Clarke means Clerk that has an English Irish Origin.

Why Are Last Names Important?

A lot of people believe that the use of a last name or surname creates an unnecessary difference between two individuals. Some political, religious, and geographical reasons may support this case. However, the last names are important to a person because they give them a unique identity.

Also, the last name helps in identifying the person and is necessary to distinguish between Chris Evans and Chris Erickson from the same area. Also, it keeps them connected with their ancestry that helps in tracing their origin. Not a lot of people know that China was the first country to introduce the use of last names with its civilization.


E is a pretty important alphabet of the word series and introduced some of the most popular last names to the world. You can browse the complete list and find the best last name that suits your name. Explore the meaning and origin of these names to know more about them.