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Below is a list of some of the most common, popular, memorable, and recognizable surnames worldwide beginning with the letter “F”, from Australia to Canada – and everywhere in between. We take you through their meaning, history, and origin. Trace your ancestry, gain some inspiration, or even name your fictional character!

Top 5 Impressive Last Names That Start With F

A powerful surname can make a lasting impression and open many doors for the owner. Many impressive last names start with F, but the most impactful ones, in our books, include Fiore, Ford, Fitzgerald, Frost, and Fujimoto.

Fiore - Fiore is a stately Italian-origin name meaning “flower” and has several Latin variations. The name reflects class, sophistication, and beauty.

Ford - Ford is a powerful English-origin name that means “stream” or “shallow-river”. It’s courageous, strong, and supportive.

Fitzgerald - Fitzgerald is an unusual surname starting with F. It originated from amongst Norman settlers, and means “son of Gerald”. It’s long, impressive, and formal.

Frost - Frost is a cool, aloof name that makes quite an impression. It’s English-origin and means someone who is cold – a veritable ice king or queen.

Fujimoto - Finally, we have Fujimoto, a famous Japanese-origin name that we’re encountering more often globally. It signifies the “root” or the “base” and gives off a traditional, family-oriented, secure kind of vibe.

Famous Celebrities with Last Names That Start With F

Many famous celebrities have last names beginning with F, including actors, war generals, politicians, authors, and scientists. We’d like to share 5 of some of the most famous people in history that had last names starting with F: Sigmund Freud, Morgan Freeman, William Faulkner, Arthur Fairbanks, and Karen Finley.

Long Last Names that Start with F

You’ll find many surnames starting with F that are quite a mouthful. Below are 4 of our top picks:


F is a firm, stable, and harmonious letter. Every surname starting with F embodies these qualities, allowing for some impressive, memorable last names.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of unique, powerful, famous names beginning with F above. Feel free to browse our collection of all surnames beginning with F to explore your unique ancestry in detail or just to satiate your curiosity.