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G is a grandiose, graceful letter. Some of the greatest, most beautiful last names begin in G. We have a handpicked selection of prominent last names starting with the letter below. Trace your ancestry, gain some inspiration, or simply borrow a unique name for you or your fictional character!

Top 5 Popular Last Names That Start With G

The 5 last names we have for you here are all impactful in their unique way. They also have long and proud histories. You’ll find them to be commonplace in the western parts of the globe (although we have also included a super-popular Asian-origin last name).

Garcia – This is an ancient name with a long legacy. It originated in Pre-Roman times. It means “graceful prince” or “bear” and rolls off the tongue very nicely.

Geller – Geller is an iconic German-origin last name. One of the main characters in Friends carries the name (Ross Geller). It’s a powerful name that means “yeller” or “town crier”.

Green – Green has long been the number 1 most popular English-origin surname beginning with G. It denotes someone who is “green” or vibrant and evergreen.

Gray – Grey is another English-origin last name. It’s pleasing and mellow and literally signifies someone who is “welcoming” or “pleasant”.

Gang – This is a spicy last name originating in the Eastern hemisphere. It has several variations in Chinese and Korean. Gang signifies “ginger” and leaves quite an impression.

Celebrities with Surnames Starting with G

Some of the most memorable, influential, and powerful people who walked the planet had last names beginning with G. The list includes politicians, actors, musicians, artists of all kinds, military greats, and leaders of all types and colors.

What Can We Learn from Our Last Names?

“What’s in a name?” asked Shakespeare. A lot, it turns out. Names are a cornerstone of your identity. They can be inspirational, remind you of the great deeds of your ancestors, and be a proud badge to wear. Here’s what you can learn from your last name:


Some of the most recognizable people in the world have last names beginning with G. Are you interested in finding out what your last name – beginning with G or otherwise – means? Take a look at our exhaustive list of last names with G to explore your ancestry or simply choose an impressive new last name for yourself!