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Last names are important. They prop up our identity and help us move forward in life. Here, we bring you the most common, popular, and inspirational last names beginning with H. You can trace your ancestry and learn more about your family – or simply pick a powerful last name for your new fictional character.

Top 5 Common Last Names That Start With H

We give you a rundown of the most common last names starting with the letter H in the western hemisphere below. We’ve also included what’s one of the most common last names in the east in the list starting with H.

Hale – This is a beautiful English-origin name that many celebrities currently bear – such as Lucy Hale. It refers to the village “Hale” in England, but can also be interpreted as “healthy”.

Harris – Harris is a very popular name in England and Wales. You’ll find someone named Harris around every corner. It is an Anglicized form of Old Greek and means “to shine joy”.

Hall – Hall is a famous last name in Europe – England, Scotland, Germany, and Scandinavia. It’s Old Norse for “spacious residence” and denotes someone who lives or works in a notable large residence.

Hill – Hill is a common last name in England and the US. It’s a comforting, pleasant name that signifies someone who lived near or on a hill.

Habeeb – You’ll find many Habeebs, with many spelling variations, in the Middle East. The surname is Arabic and means someone who is “beloved” or “very loved” by others.

Celebrities with Surnames Starting with H

There have been many movers and shakers who had last names beginning with H, from poets to war generals – and everything in between. Do any of these influential, history-making celebrities share your last name?

What Can We Learn from Our Last Names?

Last names are a badge you wear every day. They help shape your identity and remind you of the deeds of your ancestors. They can be a source of inspiration and motivation. Essentially, you can learn a lot from your last name:


We hope you enjoyed our roundup of famous, memorable, and popular last names starting with H. If your surname wasn’t included here, feel free to explore all the other surnames starting with H on this page. You’ll be able to trace your heritage, find your relatives, and more.