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    Every last name has a long history and is derived from something, someone, or someplace. We bring you some of the most famous, popular last names in the world starting with the letter I here on PeopleFinderFree.

    You can learn more about your ancestors and gain some inspiration or simply see if you’re related to any remarkable people.

    Top 5 Generic Last Names That Start With I

    What are the most common last names that start with the letter I? It depends on whether you’re looking in the east or the west. We bring you 5 last names that are commonplace mostly in western parts of the planet:

    Ingram – Ingram is a powerful last name that originated in old Germany. This stately surname is a combination of “Ing”, a fearsome German deity, and “ram” or raven.

    Irene – Irene is a pleasant, comfortable, and stable name that originated in Greece. The word “Irene” signifies peace in Greek, and the bearers are supposed to be peaceful people.

    Irvin – Irvin is a very popular name in England and the US. You’ll likely find many Irvin’s living around every corner. This name means people of Eireamhón and comes from Gaelic.

    Islas – Islas is a beautiful, elegant name that originates in Spain and is found in many Latin American countries. It means “island” in Spanish and signifies someone who is fond of the sea.

    Iverson – Iverson is a classic last name that’s commonplace in England, Australia, New Zealand, and the US. It denotes someone who is a “warrior”. Iversons are supposed to be powerful, sturdy people.

    Famous People Name Origins & Meaning With Last Names Starting in I

    Many influential people and celebrities – now and throughout history – have last names beginning in the letter I. We bring you 5 of the most memorable ones here. Are you related to them in some way?

    What Can We Learn from Our Last Names?

    Last names are important because they tell us about our history. They form a cornerstone of a person’s identity and can help leave a lasting impression on everyone. Here’s what you can learn from your last name:


    That concludes our roundup of top last names that start with I. Do you feel especially connected to these names, or do they inspire you in some way? You can also take a look at other last names that start with I on this page to find your surname and track your lineage.