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Every last name carries a unique history. Read PeopleFinderFree’s collection of top last names that start with J below to learn more about some memorable, popular names. You can learn more about your ancestors, see if a celebrity shares your last name, or simply get inspired by your lineage.

Top 5 Popular Last Names That Start With J

How commonplace is your last name? Are your distant relatives spread out all over the world or just in your country? Take a look at the 5 most popular last names that start with the letter J below:

Johnson – Johnson is the most popular last name in England, and amongst the most popular last names on the planet. The surname originates in Scotland or England and is derived from the Hebrew word “Yahweh”, meaning someone gracious.

Jones – Jones is a comforting, stable last name that’s commonplace in English-speaking countries. This surname is also related to Johnson and “Yahweh” and means the same thing – someone who is gracious.

Jackson – Jackson is a famous last name that’s been worn by many iconic people – like Michael Jackson. It’s believed to be derived from the French last name “Jacques”. In the old days, it was also slang for someone who exhibited masculine traits.

James – James is a Latin last name that’s also popular as a first name. It’s an Anglicized form of the Latin Iacomus, which itself comes from the Hebrew last name “Jacob”, which means someone who is a “supplanter” or “holder of the heel”.

Jin – Jin is a famous Chinese last name. It’s also commonplace in Japan and Korea. The name signifies someone who is “golden” and generous. Sometimes, it’s someone who belonged to an ancient dynasty in China.

Famous Celebrities with Last Names that start with J

Some of the most famous people on the planet have last names beginning with J, and many movers and shakers in history also had last names that began with the letter.

What Can We Learn from Our Last Names?

Your last name is tied to your identity. It allows you to feel part of a group and helps you integrate into your community. There are many things to learn from your last name:


Learning more about your family can do wonders for your self-esteem. Take a look at our exhaustive list of last names beginning with J on this page to explore your lineage and learn more about yourself.