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The last name plays an important part in everyone’s life. In almost all cases, choosing the last name is a one-time process and you won’t want to ruin it for your kid. That is why you can check this list from PeopleFinderFree to find some popular last names starting with K.

All the names are assigned different ranks according to their popularity. Also, the origin and meaning of these names are mentioned in the list.

Top 5 Impressive Last Names That Start With K

If you are someone who lives to use some powerful and impressive last name, here are the top 5 options for you.

King - The name King has been used by someone who has a kingly manner. And more than 60,993 people have it as their last name.

Kim - It is the most common last name in Korea and nearly 20% of the population has Kim as their last name in this country. It is descended from modern clans and stands for “Gold”. Almost 57,064 people quote Kim as their last name.

Kelly - It is an Irish name that is a descendant of Cilliach. The name Kelly means ‘bright-headed’. More than 30,126 people have their last names as kelly.

Khan - It is derived from the personal name of one of the Turkish rulers. That is why more than 18467 use this as their last name.

Knight - Knight is an English name that was used as a personal name before the Norman quest. It came from middle English as knyghte and old English as youth, or boy. More than 23136 people have their last name as Knight.

Famous People Name Origins & Meaning

A list of famous people whose last name starts with K. You will also find the meaning and origin of their last names to track their ancestry.

Jacques Kallis

Jacques Kallis is a famous cricketer from South Africa. The last name Kallis of this cricketer stands for “Best”. The origin of this name has an Anglo-Saxon connection.

Jim Kaat

Jim Kaat is a professional Basketball. His surname Kaat is a historical name derived from the Greek word Aikaterī́nē. The name signifies the cleanliness and purity of something.

Al Kaline

Al Kaline was a famous basketball player who was famous with his nickname “Mr. Tiger”. His surname is derived from the ancient west coast of Dalriadan clans of Scotland. This name means "the son of the gillie of Callum."

What Can We Learn From Our Last Names?

In most cases, last names are used to track the ancestry of a person. However, the use of last names has changed now and people are updating their last names for many other reasons. Some people like to keep their last names similar to their favorite personalities. On the other hand, some like to keep their name connected to their birthplace.

There’s another trend of adding a parent’s name with your first name and using it as your surname. It helps in recognizing the individual as a direct descendant of the family.


Finding the right last name for your kid is the real challenge. On this page, we covered some of the most popular last names starting with K. You can browse this list to find the name you are looking for. The popularity index helps you get a better idea of the trending names in the country.