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This list includes some of the most popular last names that start with the letter L. You can find the meaning, origin, and popularity of each name here. Also, you can get some more details and their state-wise popularity with a click.

Top 5 Unique Last Names That Start With L

You can easily find the most popular last names for everyone. However, we have created a list of the top 5 unique last names starting with L. All these names have interesting meanings and carry some importance with them.

Lucci - It is one of the most unique last names recorded in the survey of the United States. The name signifies light and originated from ancient Rome. All the descendants with this last name are associated with a famous ruler with the name Luciani.

Lahde - It is a Finnish name and one of the rarest last names in the world. The name represents the source of any kind. Generally, it means spring because spring represents the main source of water.

Lage - According to Portuguese and Galician history, Lage is a place name that is often used as a surname by people who migrated from there. That is why the origin of this last name traces to Portugal.

Lan - This surname is believed to have originated from China. The meaning of this name is Fog in the Forest. This last name is quite unique and you won’t find many people associated with this surname.

Luc - This surname has a French origin and means “Bright One” in greek. Therefore, the surname was used for the intelligent individuals in French society.

Movie Stars With Surnames That Start With L

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular movie stars with surnames starting with L.

Dorothy Lyman

She is an American television actor featured in series like Another World and All My Children. She is most famous for her character Gwen Frame and people often remember her for the same role.

Lori Loughlin

Lori is an excellent American actor who had an interesting job as a junior lifeguard before turning into an actress. She is known for her character ‘Rebecca’ on Fuller House.

Adam Levine

Adam Levine is another American movie star who has created a strong user base with his excellent performances. He is also the lead vocalist in the band ‘Maroon 5’.

What Information Can You Get From the Last Name?

To find some information about someone, you usually ask their full name. The reason is that there is always some kind of connection between someone’s last name and background. However, it is a bit challenging to get this information when the person’s last name is changed recently.

For example, if a person uses his birthplace as his last name, you can find out their home country. Similarly, a person’s last name can be associated with a religious or social group that gives them an identity.

Some people use their parent’s first names directly as their last names. It lets you find out more about their parents and helps in identifying them quickly.


The above list is about the last names starting with L. Here you can find the most popular and the unique names from the same list. All these names have a specific meaning and an origin.