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Top 5 Popular Last Names That Start With M

Here we will cover the top 5 most popular last names that you can find in the United States. All these last names start with M and are ranked based on their popularity.

Miller - Miller is the most famous last name that starts with M. More than 412273 people in the United States recognize themselves with their ancestry. The name originated from Molendinar and stands for a person who has worked in Grain Mill.

Mullins - In the United States alone, more than 306313 people can be found with this surname. It originated from France and stands for someone who is associated with mills. It is similar to the Miller with a minor difference in French and English.

Mendoza - This is the third most popular last name on this list. The name stands for cold mountain and is famous in the Spanish community. Around 252654 recognize themselves as descendants of this surname.

Murphy - Murphy, being the most popular Last Name (starting with M) in California, is used by more than 122074 people in the United States. The name originated from the Republic of Ireland and is derived from an Irish Personal Name.

Moore - Moore’s last name was used by those who live near moor and the name is famous in the English community. In the past few decades, the name became the 16th most common last name (all alphabets) in America.

Famous Athletes with Last Names that start with M

Here are the three most famous Athletes with the last name starting with M.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is one of the most famous football players with Messi as his last name. It stands for ‘Gift of God’ and originated from Spanish.

Andy Murray

He is a famous British Tennis player with Murray as his last name. Murray stands for ‘settlement by the sea’ and is common in areas around the sea and water bodies.

Ken MacAfee

He is a former footballer with MacAfee as his last name. It is believed to have Irish and Scottish Origin. The meaning of this surname is divided into two parts- black and peace.

What Information Can You Get From the Last Name?

A surname is half the identity of a person and it is used to track the ancestry of an individual. Historically, last names were inspired by the tribe, community, or social group of a person. Another way of using last names was based on the migration of people. For example, new people in a town were called Newton. Similarly, Norris last name was used by those who migrated from the North.

Some people change their last names for political and other reasons as well. After marriage, partners may adopt each other’s last names that may change the whole ancestry of the person. That is why there is always some kind of limitation on getting information from someone’s last name.


You can find the top 1000 popular last names starting with M in this list. The list is brought to you by PeopleFinderFree and comes with credible data. Therefore, you can easily choose any last name or find its origin from here.