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    PeopleFinderFree brings you the ultimate list of famous last names starting with O. You can find their meaning, origin, and popularity among different states of the US. The directory is created using the updated numbers and you can expect the latest name trends here.

    Top 5 Rare Last Names That Start With O

    Have you ever thought about the rarest last names in the world? Well, here are the top 5 rare last names with O.

    Orio - Orio is the last name used to describe the area from where the person resides. The last name originated from Spain and people trace their ancestry from the same place.

    Osmani - It is another rare last name that originated as a way to sort people into groups. The name can now be traced in several states of America along with Britain and Ireland.

    Otoya - The surname originated from Peru and now more than 97% of members with this last name are found in America only. Even after that, it is one of the rarest last names in the United States.

    Oswell - This last name originated from a Norman Family in Ireland. Thus, the meaning stands for the descendants of this family who are mostly found in California and Texas.

    Olivio - It has an interesting story as the last name was used by the traders who used to sell olives. The descendants of those families are still carrying this surname officially.

    My Favorite Celebrities with Surnames That Start with O

    If you are wondering about the famous personalities with Surnames starting with O, here’s the complete list for you.

    Jack Oakie

    He was a famous comedian with some exceptionally unique comedic roles in history. People used to call him “America’ Joyboy’ because of his comic style.

    Warren Oates

    He was a famous character actor with some leading roles throughout the 1960s to 1980s. He was born in a small town in Kentucky.

    Tim O’ Briend

    He is a famous novelist known for his novel ‘The Things They Carried. Tim is famous for his unique writing style with some inspiring stories on his life as well.

    Mike O’ Callaghan

    He was a famous politician and the governor of Nevada for more than 8 years. The leader was known for his contributions to the democratic party. He also faced some issues related to the age tempering to participate in the Marine Corps.

    What Information Can You Get From the Last Name?

    There are different things associated with the last name of a person. As you must have noticed in the above, some people carry family names as their surname while some others use their birthplace as their last name.

    Therefore, you can find different types of information depending on the reason behind choosing the last name. Commonly, people use the last name to stay associated with their ancestry. In some social groups, people use their parent’s names as their last names.

    On the other hand, you can find people who simply adopt a last name based on the celebrities they like.


    Last Name is important to your Identity. Therefore, it is important to do proper research and choose a meaningful last name for your newborn baby. The above list is all about the last names starting with C and covers the popularity of each last name.

    It means you can easily track your ancestry and find the popularity of the descendants in each state and country.