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Top 5 Popular Last Names That Start With P

The name holds a very significant position and is the first image of one's personality. It is not only your social identity but also has quite a few strings to pull in legal formalities.

It makes you unique and sets you apart from the rest of the population. The last name is your family symbol. It puts forth the grace of your forefathers and embarks the fact that you belong to that family.

In most situations, the title is placed right after your name. However, in certain cultures, there is a prevalence of putting the surname prior to the actual name.

Some of the most prevalent last names that might start with P include:


This is one of the most prevalent last names used in the States. A good percentage of the population belongs to this genre.


According to a recent Sensex, Peterson tops the chart and is quite a popular last name.


This is an Indian surname and mostly used by Bengalis all over the world.


Not only a very common last name but Parker is also used by a sizable population as their last name.


It is one of the most common British surnames and is very common especially in the UK.

Famous People Name Origins & Meaning (Surname Starts with P)

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Al Pacino

He is one of the most sought-after American actors and directors. Some of his most promising works include Insomnia and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

The name "Pacino" is derived from the Latin word "Pax" which means peace. It is used to symbolize those personas who reciprocate the soulful imagery of Jesus.

Aaron Paul

He is a very well-known American actor. The surname Paul is quite famous although the prevalence is more in southeastern countries.

Brad Pitt

He is a timeless actor and is quite famous for his brilliant acting skills. The title Pitt however has its roots in British society and is a very well-known and common surname indeed.

Deepika Padukone

Known to be one of the very well-known Bollywood stars, Deepika Padukone is an embodiment of grace. Her last name Padukone stems from the name of a village with the same name from the Udupi District in India.

Short Last Names That Start With P

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Some of the best short last names that start with P are:


It has quite a biblical connotation and is derived from the phrase "the son of Pack". It is very widely used in the western world and generally has only one spelling.


This one is subordinate to the English version of Paul. Pal has origins from the Sanskrit language and means protector.

This surname is a commonly used one specifically in the subcontinent of India and in Bangladesh.


Paes is a very short yet comprehensive surname most likely having Portuguese roots. Quite a few famous personalities like Leander Paes and Bruno Paes sported this last name.

However, the most prevalence is found in Brazil. The pronunciation and spelling are quite prevalent and uniforms across the globe.

People who share the title "Paes" mostly belong to the faith of Christianity.


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Names play a very important role across most cultures and are hence very important to have a reference for.