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    Popular Last Names Starting with Letter Q

    Names are one of the most important parts of our identity and lend us that extra edge of uniqueness. Although surnames could be similar, the legal and social connotation it holds is manifold.

    The title most often is the testimony of your family name and makes you belong to a clan. In almost all official documents, mentioning the last name is compulsory.

    Some of the best possible and most common last names starting with Q are:


    This is a very commonly used surname in the western world and finds quite some interesting references in contemporary movies as well. It is believed that "quilt" is a French derivation and hence has quite a cultural significance.


    Being a very popular Irish surname, Quinn is derived from the word "O'Cuinn". It is believed that this word means "head". The last name was specifically used to refer to all those who supposedly had a "high intelligence" level.


    Originating from the Quraysh tribe of Mecca, this is one of the most famous Muslim last names. The surname "Qureshi'' is widely popular and is used with a religious reference as well.

    People from both the Shia and Sunni sect sport this last name.

    My Favourite Celebrities (Surnames Starting with Q)

    People across the globe want to know more about famous celebrities, their first names, and last names, and what they actually mean. There have been quite a few formalized studies as well which talk deeply about the beginning of these various last names.

    Here I have listed down some of my favorite personalities’ last names that start with the letter Q, with their meanings.

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    Anthony Quinn

    A double Oscar winner, he was the epitome of acting. Having Mexican origins, not only was he a prolific actor but an equally great painter as well as poet.

    Some of his most popular works include The Message, Lawrence of Arabia, Revenge, and A Walk In The Clouds.

    Huma Qureshi

    Known to be quite a well-known face in the Bollywood film industry. Huma is believed to possess great acting skills and has been the center of many appreciations.

    Her famous works include Gangs of Wasseypur, Leila, and Naayka. Many are of the opinion that Huma has been quite a revolutionary actress in terms of her choice of films.

    Abdul Qadir

    He was regarded as one of the best international cricketers hailing from Pakistan. His most famous specialty was his skills as a leg spinner.

    What Can We Learn from Our Last Names?

    Did you know that last names were not always prevalent and were added on much later to keep a difference between the same first names? That being said, surnames are quite an old practice and continue to be used in different formats across the globe.

    One might wonder, what is the need of having the last name when we already have our official "first names' '? Well, first of all, last names are a symbol of our family.

    It makes us understand our lineage and teaches us a lot from where our roots originate.

    It instills in us a sense of belongingness and makes us well aware of our ancestors and our families. People who belong to the same family share a common last name.

    It is one of the key factors that bind people together and teaches the importance of unity and staying together.

    Secondly, your last names resemble your culture and heritage. It teaches you the community you belong to and the glorious history behind it.

    And last but not the least, it is also a symbol of your legal citizenship. Without a legal surname, you would not be approved of citizenship in most nations.

    Very often we do not understand what our surnames teach us. However, it is the true testimony of our lives and teaches us the basics of the family


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