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It is very often that we stumble upon people and meet a host of them. Be it on a professional or personal level, our modernized world has made this process very natural.

However, it is also very common that we might forget their last name and struggle to remember it in a later course of life.

Famous Last Names Starting With R

Did you know that most people opine that last names provide them a sense of belongingness and identity? While many of us might think that last names do no matter, it is the sole thing that keeps us connected with our ancestors.

Not mentioning or using a surname may have a negative impact not only in social settings but also in official commitments. Last names are the most commonly used forms of knowing one's origin and are thus exceptionally popular.

Some of the most popular surnames beginning with R are:


It is a very popular and widely used surname and has probable roots in the United Kingdom. Some very common variants of this famous last name are Rodgerson, Rodger, and even Rodgers.


This is also an exceptionally well-known surname and has probable Welsch origin. The technical meaning of this last name is "bright renown".

It is extremely popular in Wales as well as Central England.


As most would call Ray is a very popular Bengali surname. The most derivation of this is Roy. It is generally used by Brahmins or upper-caste Hindus as per the Vedas.


Many people believe that the last name "Russell'' is a French derivative of the term " Rosel" or "Rous". Both these French terms mean "red".


The surname Reynolds is of patronymic origin and has a German influence as well. It could be a derivation of the old French name "Reinold" as well.

Popular Movie Stars Whose Last Names Start with R

There are quite a few enthusiasts who live to research names as well as surnames. They find it interesting to know where these originate from and what are the stories behind the same.

Some of the most famous movie stars whose last names begin with R include:

Rajkumar Rao

Rajkumar is one of the most prominent faces of the Hindi film industry. His success is known across the country and he is regarded as quite the "youth icon".

Hrithik Roshan

If you too are a 90's kid, Hrithik Roshan is definitely a name that will make your heart skip a beat. He is one of the most famous heartthrobs of Bollywood and had a glorious career as a movie star.

Some of his most famous works include "Krish" and "Koi Mil Gaya".

Aishwarya Rai

Known to be a personification of dreams, this popular actress has been a timeless actress. She was known to win the crown for Miss World in 1994 and since then has amazed people with her skills.

Not only as an actress but she is also known to be a great model. Rai also has been a regular guest at the Cannes Film Festival.

What Does the Last Name Mean?

Last names are something that is a very common part of our identity. However, you may have noticed that they vary across various cultures. For some, it is a part of legacy while for others it is just an official requirement.

One might be surprised to know that during the monarchy periods, last names were also assigned on the basis of profession. Not only that, if you were able to impress the king you could also win a "title" that you could sport as an honor.

With time these became a part of identity and were passed on to generations.

Our last names are essentially a part of our existence. Each of them has a different story to say and holds different meanings.

Various cultures have different significance when it comes to last names. As one would know, when a woman gets married they are most often listed under the surname of their husbands.

This could also be a great gesture to show that she is welcomed in the family and is an integral part of the same. For some cultures, last names are also a part of status and power.

Until a few centuries, last names were a show of which caste you belonged from. However, this system has been done away for good and in today's world, it is just a symbol of your family and ancestors.

It keeps you connected to your past and signifies the importance of family in your life.


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One can easily use it without any hindrances and have a great time devouring the significance of various last names.