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There is a surprising relationship between the name of the person and their personality. Just like our first names, surnames also play an important role. They illuminate our ancestor’s lives and cultural heritage.

English surnames are mostly inspired by a multitude of cultural influences, including religion, nature, familial lines, physical characteristics, occupations and so on.

So, if you want to know the famous last names starting with V, dive right in.

Part1: Famous Last Names That Start with V

Below are some famous last names that start with V and they are inspired by nature, animals, and some other elements.

Valdez: Valdez is a Spanish-originated last name, which means “son of a brave person.”

Valdemar: Valdemar is a famous last name, boasting the meaning “a famous ruler.”

Vogel: This is quite a popular last name starting with V, which means a “bird catcher.”

Visser: Visser is another last name, which means a “fisherman.”

Vinogradov: This Russion-originated last name is a famous surname, which means a “Vineyard.”

Vernon: Vernon refers to an “elderly person,” and is an English-originated popular last name.

Van Hassel: This famous US-originated surname means “Hazel tree.”

Van Donk: Van Donk is a popular last name and if you share this last name, it means a “hill.”

Van Den Berg: This popular surname has a deep significance and it means “mountain.”

Van Amelsvoort: This US-originated surname means “Ford of the river.”

Vadas: Vadas is a popular Hungarian-originated last name, which means wild.

Vance: Vance is another commonly-known surname, which originated by English and it means a “resident who lives at the fern.”

Part2: Popular Stars Whose Last Names Start with V

Do you share your last name with some famous personality? Well, let’s see. Here are some popular stars whose last names start with V.

Brooke Valentine: Valentine is a famous american actress, singer and a model

Steve Van Buren: He was a professional american football player who played for the NFL.

Rob Van Dam: Rob Van Dam is a professional wrestler and an actor whose original name is Robert Alexander Szatkowski.

Billy Vessels: Billy Vessels was an amazing football player and also won the Heisman trophy.

Jean-Claude Van Damme: He is a belgian actor, fighting choreographer and a martial artist known for his action films.

Part3: What Can We Learn from Our Last Names?

A last name can predict the personality or the profession or the individual to some extent. This is very much true in cases like Usain Bolt and Tiger Woods.

The surname can depict the occupation of our ancestors and also tell us about our origin. This way you can gain more information about your rich heritage and stay connected to your roots.

A last name could also tell you a bit about your place of origin or it could be totally patronymic which means you were only identified as your father’s son or daughter. This is hard to comprehend but Richardson as a last name helps put things in prescriptive.

Finally, a last name can also be adopted from the nicknames of our ancestors and could be based on their body size, shape or on a personality trait like jolly or stoic.


A last name has the ability to trace your complete lineage and can provide interesting information about your ancestors. Do consider our list of last names that start with V when thinking of a last name that begins with V. We hope that this article has helped you find the meaning and history behind your surname.

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