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Our surname connects us to our family history.

Last names beginning with ‘W’ are those closest to your ancestors. As the population of various societies began to grow, the list of surnames began to grow.

Although the most common surnames were chosen a long time ago and represent an overview of the family tree, different societies still use them differently today. Your search for the last name starting with a W ends here as we give you a list of the most famous last names starting with W.

Part1: Most Popular Last Names That Start with W

While there are many choices for last names beginning with W, some are still more popular. Here is a list of surnames that have relatively high meanings.


Wack is of French origin, which means “a measure of weight.”


Wallace is a Scottish surname, which addresses a “foreigner” in Norman French.


This English origin surname means “to move.”


Wachs is a Jewish origin surname and a name of beeswax.


One of the most popular last names, this English origin surname means “son of WAT.”


Wahba is an Arabic origin surname, which means “gift” or “present.”


This English origin surname is derived from a term used for a person with pale complexion or white hair.


Williams is an English origin surname, originating from ‘Son of William.’


Wilson is an England and Scottish surname, which originated from the patronymic form of ‘Wil.’


Another English-originated surname, Wood, is derived from ‘wudu,’ which means “wood.”


Woods is a Scottish-originated last name, derived as a variant of Wood.


This English-originated surname is derived from ‘wyrhta,’ meaning “wright, maker.”

Part2: Famous People Whose Last Names Start with W

Want to know if you share your surname with a celebrity? Here are some of the celebrities with surnames starting with ‘W.’

Caitlin Wachs: Caitlin Wachs is a famous American movie actress whose last name Wachs is pronounced as ‘Wax.’

Robert Wagner: Robert Wagner is a famous American film star and TV actor. Some of the achievements of this actor are Everyone’s Hero, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

Ben Wallace: You must’ve heard the name ‘Big Ben.’ That’s Ben Wallace. He is an amazing and popular basketball player in the NBA. He plays center and power forward for the Detroit Pistons.

Jennifer Warnes: Jennifer Warnes is a famous pop singer and songwriter. ‘Dirty Dancing’ is one of her major achievements.

Paul Walker: Who doesn’t know Paul Walker? Paul William Walker was a famous American actor, known for his role as Brian O’Conner in Fast & Furious movies.

Part3: What Information Can You Know from the Last Names?

Last names are the part of one’s personal names that represent their family, community, or tribe.

Different cultures follow different practices. Last names or family names can be placed anywhere, either at the start of the name as a forename or at the end. All in all, surnames reveal the ancestor’s identities and provide a lot of information about the person’s life.

Surname tells us about the area, occupation, family relationships, and person’s details.


So, your last name says a lot about your personality, huh? We now hope that we are fully acquainted with how important surnames are and why they play an essential role in our life.

Whether you have no idea about where your last name came from, or you just want to know if you share your name with a famous personality, we believe your search ended with this article.