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    You will be surprised to know that your birth name can really define your character. There are countless examples of this - Usain Bolt, Alexander Graham Bell, and Michael Ball, to name a few.

    However, we would never know whether their priorities shifted to complement their name or their name was itself a motivator.

    Nonetheless, a connection can surely be traced between your last name and personality.

    Here we present a list of surnames that start with X. Let’s take a look at these names.

    Part1: Most Popular Last Names That Start With X

    Though X seems like an alphabet with few surnames, there are many surnames that start with X. So, if you are also searching for a surname with X, here is a list of last names starting with X that might be of your help.

    Xanthopoulos (Greek actor): This last name that begins with X literally translates to "the son of Xanthos."

    Xavier (the United States, baseball players): Xavier is a common surname that starts with X, which means "the new house."

    Xena (Warrior Princess): Xena translates to a strong and confident woman and is a good choice for female last names.

    Xenocrates (Greek Philosopher): This is formed from two different words and translates to "a stranger's power."

    Xerxes (Persian ruler): This Greek last name, starting with X, means "a hero among rulers."

    Xenophanes (Greek Philosopher and poet ): This Greek surname translates to "foreign appearance.”

    Xinran (British Chinese journalist): The meaning of this surname that begins with X is "Cheerful."

    Xi (Chinese politician): This surname belongs to one of China's most famous personalities and translates to 'Hope.'

    Xiang (Chinese Athlete): Having multiple origin sources, this surname means "to go forward.”

    Part2: Famous People Whose Last Names Start With X

    Want to know if you share your surname with someone famous? Well, there aren’t many people whose last names start with X, but we have a couple of famous personalities here.

    Malcolm X: He was an African-American minister and a human rights activist. During the civil rights movement, he was a popular figure and was known as a vocal spokesman for the Nation of Islam.

    Nikos Xanthopoulos: He is a Greek actor known for his amazing roles in Greek Drama Cinema. Also called “the child of the folk,” Nikos is also a famous singer who has released many singles and albums.

    Part3: How to Name a Baby with the Last Name?

    Choosing the last name for your baby can be tricky. Should the baby take your partner’s name or yours? You can even use the combination of your last names.

    As the last name represents where your family has come from, you must give some thought to it before deciding on the last name.

    To name your baby, you can use the traditional approach, where you can give the father’s last name to your baby. Another approach is the hyphenated last name. In this, you need to use both the father and mother’s last name combined with a hyphen.

    You can even use the last name as a middle name or a first name. Nowadays, parents are creating the last name for their kids and their entire family that represents their family values.

    Lastly, you can go with the mother’s last name. It is a unifying choice and should be selected wisely.


    Just like our first name, last name also plays an imperative role in our life. It reveals a great deal about our character, talent, and potential.

    From this article, we hope that you’d find some interesting and unique surnames starting with X so you can select the perfect one that complements your personality.