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The most loved word for a person is their name, followed by the Last Name and last name/surname describes their Family Background, History, and their Origin. Last Names are generally named after the places where the ancestors have been living or based on their beliefs, tribe, traditions, etc.

The last names carry a great, ancient & interesting history with them connecting different parts of the world. For example, a greek word used in English will itself give an amazing look and meaning to the name. Let’s find out about a few of them.

Part1: Most Famous Last Names That Start with Y

Yardley: This name originally was for the people from the West Midlands. Yardley refers to the forest from where Timber could be gathered.

Yates: This was the name that was known for gatekeepers or people who lived near gates.

Young: It is derived from the English word Geong which means Young. In ancient times as well as today's time, this is generally used to differentiate between a Father & Son.

York: The name originated from a city in England named York, and in some cases, this is a regional name for the people residing in the Country or Yorkshire.

Yoder: This is the American version of the Swiss name Joder. Joder was a Saint in the western regions of Switzerland.

Yarbrough: This is a habitational name for the people who belong to Yarbrough & Yarbrough, Lincolnshire.

Yancey: Son of Jan, this is a Dutch/Flemish surname for Jansen and has been modified in the American version and now called Yancey.

Yount: This is an American version of a word named Jutta, which is used to refer to females in Dutch or German Jund.

Yadira: Yadira is an Arabic word that has a beautiful meaning, worthy.

Yale: Yale means from the fertile upland, and this is an English word.

Yasmin: This is a Persian word that means jasmine flower. For many people, Yasmin is also used as a First name.

Part2: Popular Celebrities Whose Last Names Start with Y

Linus Yale, Jr.: He was an American Mechanical Engineer who co-founded Yale Lock Manufacturing Company. He is known for his inventions related to locks and especially cylinder locks.

Jonathan Yardley: He was working as a Critic at The Washington Post and was also honored with the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism.

David Yates: Yates is an English film director, he has directed short films, television, etc. He directed four films in the Harry Potter Series and was also awarded the British Academy Britannia Award.

Neil Young: Neil is a Canadian-American singer, musician, and songwriter. He is also an entrepreneur, part-owner of Lionel LLC, a company into manufacturing Toy Trains and Model railroads, etc

Halimah Yacob: She is the first female president in the history of Singapore and is currently the incumbent president of Singapore.

Part 3: How to Name a Baby with the Last Name?

Well, naming a baby is one of the most important yet confusing tasks in one’s life. When it comes to naming the baby, most parents spend months on the internet searching for a good name for their baby. Though there are no rules for finding a good name for their babies, one can look for a name that compliments their Last name and Surname.

A person’s name defines the nature, family, history of a person, and no doubt this is essential in a person’s life.


We are sure many people love to read about their names, the meaning of the names, origin, or the history attached to them. Many of us do feel proud when we share common names with celebrities or famous personalities.

We think this article would have given some worthy information about the names.