In the modern world, we might be surrounded by hundreds of people and still have no clue of any one of them. Their location at a specific time of the day shall always remain unknown. Fortunately, you can solve this little issue and locate a person by Social Security number and know their whereabouts in seconds.

SSN provides an easy way to access all the public records linked to the person. Not only this, but one can also initiate the SSN lookup by name. Most people prefer to keep their life low profile, and that is why we shall use a safe method to know what we are looking for.

If you need to know what this article shall reflect upon, the topics are enlisted below:

Social Security Number Basics

If you are looking to find someone by SSN number, it is important that you know what you are getting yourself into. A Social Security number is a 9-Digit numerical sequenced number issued to all permanent as well as temporary US citizens. The benefits ensured by the Federal Social Security Administration are only accessed if you have a Social Security number. Along with this, one can lookup a person by SSN to know about his leasing history, employment status, criminal records, and whatnot.

There is a brief history behind the frame of the Social Security number. In 1974, Congress passed the “Privacy Act” that required all government agencies to reveal significant information before requesting SSNs. These include the background of the authority under which Social Security number is demanded, how it will be used, and whether it is optional to provide one.

  • Government Usage

The Social Security number plays a pivotal role in government-based uses. For instance, it utilizes this unique identifier for employment, taxation, and law enforcement purposes. Moreover, the knowledge of SSN allows the government to provide benefits like student financial assistance, housing assistance, medicare, and supplemental nutrition assistance programs.

Not only this, the state and local governments make use of SSN for purposes like determining juror eligibility, issuing birth certificates, collecting child support, and identifying death records.

  • Business Usage

The use of SSN is not only limited to the government, but it has its pros in business too. The authentication of the identity of employees in financial transactions is performed by the private sector using Social Security numbers.

Furthermore, the health group insurance plan allows the covered dependents to report their Social Security numbers to medicare and health-related services. This permits the businesses to coordinate the Medicaid facilitation with other insurance benefits.

Locate Someone by their Social Security Number

You can now locate person by Social Security number using a workable and effective tool. PeopleFinderFree tool, as we call it, has revolutionized the world with its eye to detail functions and brings exactly what you are looking for with a mere click of a button.

Using the “People Search by SSN” feature, one can have access to all the available information of the person just by typing in the name. This function allows you to find the whereabouts of a suspicious person, including their criminal history, court proceedings, and financial dues. Other than that, you can undergo their vital records, traffic tickets, contact numbers, sex offender data, and whatnot.

If you are not familiar with this tool and need to know how it operates, just have a look at the detailed steps given below:

Step 1: Launching the Tool

Launch the PeopleFinderFree website and navigate to the top bar. Hit the “SSN Lookup” from there.

Step 2: Entering Basic Data

Now, as the lookup is by name, the user is supposed to enter the first and last name. Afterward, type away the first three digits of their Social Security number. Tap on "Search."

Step 3: Accessing the Report

To download the report, provide your email address. Now, enter your card information and initiate the payment. You can have a look at the report by tapping on “View My Report” and enjoy the details.

What Can I Look Up with a Social Security Number?

The SSN lookup by name has become famous across the world to have a look at a person's data with a mere click of a button. By now, we hope that your question, "how to find someone with their Social Security number?" has been answered. To continue the article, this section reflects upon the key points that can be looked up from Social Security numbers.

The search by SSN reveals the following important aspects of your life.

    • 9 Digit Social Security Number and Names

The first three digits of a Social Security number reveal the area number, while the remaining digits provide the breakdown information of the area number. Apart from this, SSN also allows you to know the names used by the person as they applied for a credit card.

    • Residence and Criminal Records

The credit bureaus record the address with the Social Security number every time you apply for a credit card or change your residence. Therefore, anyone has access to your address as soon as they have their hands on your Social Security number. Moreover, the background check also brings the criminal records to light.

    • Relationship and Employment History

Anyone can know your relationship status if they have your Social Security number. Furthermore, as your Social Security number has been linked to your employment history, it is easy to have a full record of where you worked and when.

    • Repossession and Bankruptcy

The knowledge of your Social Security number means anyone has access to your record related to repossession and foreclosure. This is because the lenders have already reported it to the credit bureaus. Along with this, if you are bankrupt, the record shall say it.

    • Linked Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

The Social Security number also reveals all the linked phone numbers and email addresses. If anyone has your Social Security number, they can easily have access to the number of sims linked to your name.

    • Birth and Death Records

The knowledge of your Social Security number also reveals the information pertaining to your date of birth and complete birth record. Moreover, the death record is also accessed through Social Security numbers.

    • Nicknames and Potential Misspellings

The Social Security number also brings the information regarding nicknames under study. Not only this, if potential misspellings are connected to your name, the Social Security number allows you to access it.

SSN Check and Use Case Examples

With the advantage of locating people by SSN and running a background check on people from the past, the Social Security number check has got you all covered. The Social Security number plays an important role in facilitating the smooth workability of government agencies.

Finding and Locating a Person

Using the Social Security number, one can track the location of the person. Along with this, you can also find any registered person as per the database in the US.

Certification of Loans and Job Application

The Social Security number is used by banks for legal verification of mortgages and loans. Also, you can only apply for a job if you have a Social Security number.

Welfare Services and Cell Phone Numbers

To avail of welfare services as a resident of the United States of America, the SSN is your primary basis to access them. The cell phone numbers of the target can also be entertained using the Social Security number.

Background Check and Deceased Person Record

The history of a person is brought into knowledge by authorized agencies and security firms using the Social Security number. The Social Security number reveals information about the deceased person as well.

Address and Professional People Lookup

Another workable application of Social Security numbers is lookup, its ability to address lookup and finding professional people of the lot. One can have hands-on the current address as well as old residences.

Identity Theft

Identity theft has become a thing pertaining to Social Security numbers. The commitment of fraud occurs when the SSN of the victim is used, but instead of using the same name, the fraudulent party uses its own name.

Student Privacy

Pertaining to a student’s lifestyle, they are more subjected to identity theft. The Social Security number is used as a student identifier to protect them. The protection occurs by using the Social Security number of the student and printing it on the student identity card.

Privacy System

The Social Security number has become a source of identification, authentication, and tracking of Americans. Not only this, but people also use it as their password and as a pin for their ATM cards.

SSN Search FAQs

1. How To Match A Social Security Number With A Name?

The Social Security number is matched with a name by making use of FCRA approved background checks. As SSN is issued by the Social Security Administration, they act as the main identifier for all official purposes. With a limited range of authorized purposes, approval is required to search the person.

2. How Do You Search For A Person?

You can easily search for a person if you know enough details about the target. For starters, you can do the research using Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Viber. Other than that, you can know the background of the person through his Social Security number. People Finder Free is a tool that helps you in this regard.

3. Can You Find Bank Accounts With Social Security Numbers? 

No, it is not possible to find bank accounts with Social Security numbers outside of the US Federal Government. Social security numbers and bank accounts are sensitive information, and accessing them through normal channels is impossible.

4. How Do I Check If My SSNs Are Being Used?

If you believe that your SSNs are being used, you might want to contact the Social Security Administration. The system will review the records, and if there is specific evidence of identity theft, the federal government provides resources of recovery from


The article provided a detailed description regarding the basics of Social Security number and its importance. Along with this, different sections shed light on ways to locate the person by their Social Security number. The PeopleFinderFree tool handles the problem of the same nature, and the article has provided comprehensive steps to make it operational. 

The article also covered the aspects that are revealed by having a Social Security number and provided its vast applications. We hope that we were as clear as crystal and answered your queries in the best way possible.

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