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As far as we found, below is the full list of people called Abdullah Qasim in the United State.Our records show that there are 2 named Abdullah Qasim in 2 states. 50% of people called Abdullah Qasim live in Michigan.Florida is the second. No one called Abdullah Qasim is in the age group of 18-30. 100.00% of people called Abdullah Qasim are in the age group of 31-60. Find the correct person by reading their profiles based on previous/current home address and phone number, and contact them directly.

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Abdullah F Qasim is currently 57 years old. Abdullah F Qasim lives in 3367 Lone Pine Rd, West Bloomfield, MI.


  • 3367 Lone Pine Rd, West Bloomfield, MI ;
  • 6401 Orchard Woods Dr, West Bloomfield, MI;

Phone number

  • 248-366-6674;
  • 248-366-4951;

Abdullah Qasim who is a resident of 2365 Lantana Ave, Jacksonville, FL. Contact Abdullah Qasim via 904-683-2140...


  • 2365 Lantana Ave, Jacksonville, FL;

Phone number

  • 904-683-2140;


  • dulla*****@outlook.com;
  • qasim*****@aol.com;
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First Name Possible Variations

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Alter First NameFull NamePersons Count
AbdulAbdul Qasim11.56%
AbulAbul Qasim11.56%
AhmadAhmad Qasim11.56%
AhmedAhmed Qasim23.13%
AlAl Qasim11.56%
AliAli Qasim57.81%
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Abdullah Qasim Phone Numbers

Below are phone numbers that are likely to belong to Abdullah Qasim.

  • 248-366-6674
  • 904-683-2140

Abdullah Qasim Addresses

Below are the addresses that are likely to be belonging to Abdullah Qasim.

  • 3367 Lone Pine Rd, West Bloomfield, MI
  • 2365 Lantana Ave, Jacksonville, FL

Abdullah Qasim's Age Distribution

Below is information on the main age groups of people named Abdullah Qasim. The largest number falls into the age group of 31-60 years old, counting for 100%. You can also find the ratio of men to women of each age group.

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