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PeopleFinderFree provides a detailed public records about Rafael Urgelles, including their home address and contact information. Our records indicate that there are 2 Rafael Urgelles live in 2 states. Florida has the largest number of Rafael Urgelles, which is about 50%. The age group of 31-60 of Rafael Urgelles accounts for 100.00%. We don't have any records about people called Rafael Urgelles aged 61-80. No one aged 81-120 called Rafael Urgelles. Check out the information we provided to contact the right person.

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Rafael Urgelles is currently 60 years old. Rafael Urgelles is residing in 1730 Bright Dr, Hialeah, FL. The relatives as shown in the list are Jose Matos . Previously, Rafael Urgelles was a resident of Ossining, NY.


  • 1730 Bright Dr, Hialeah, FL ;
  • 1730 Bright Dr Apt 4, Hialeah, FL ;
  • AND 1 MORE

Previous Locations

  • Ossining, NY;


Phone number

  • 305-863-6303;
  • 305-824-0744;


  • cubac*****@aol.com;
  • rafaelur********@gmail.com;

Rafael J Urgelles who is living in 5121 E 3rd St, Long Beach, CA. We have found that Rafael Urgelles is Rafael J Urgelles's relative.


  • 5121 E 3rd St, Long Beach, CA;


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First Name Possible Variations

Below is a list of names that are similar with Rafael Urgelles considering there might be possible spelling mistakes. In case you didn't find the one you were searching for, try those variations of Rafael Urgelles.You can also view the public records of Rafael Urgelles using PeopleFinderFree.

Alter First NameFull NamePersons Count
AnaAna Urgelles19.09%
DemostenesDemostenes Urgelles19.09%
JesusJesus Urgelles19.09%
MariaMaria Urgelles327.27%
PedroPedro Urgelles218.18%
RaulRaul Urgelles19.09%
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Rafael Urgelles Phone Numbers

This section shows the phone numbers belonging to Rafael Urgelles.

  • 305-863-6303

Rafael Urgelles Addresses

This section consists of data with regards to the possible addresses of Rafael Urgelles.

  • 1730 Bright Dr, Hialeah, FL
  • 5121 E 3rd St, Long Beach, CA

Rafael Urgelles's Age Distribution

After deep analyses, we have presented a complete report about the age distribution of people named Rafael Urgelles. The age group of 31-60 makes up 100.00%. The average age of Rafael Urgelles is 60. And 100% of people fall into the age group of 31-60 years old.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the percentage of people named Rafael Urgelles who are 31-60 years old?

100% of people called Rafael Urgelles are 31-60 years old.

What is the percentage of people named Rafael Urgelles in Florida?

50% of people called Rafael Urgelles living in Florida.

Where are all Rafael Urgelles mainly lived?

Most people called Rafael Urgelles live in Florida.
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