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Here you can find the records available about Shari Conway in 4 states. It's easy to tell that there are 4 Shari Conway in 4 states. You can confirm which Shari Conway is the one you are looking for with more details. You can also get to know ways to contact him/her with contact info available here. It's not hard to know Oklahoma has the largest number of people named Shari Conway, which is about 25%. South Carolina is the next. The average age of Shari Conway is 61. We don't have any information on anyone named Shari Conway who are between the ages of 18 and 30. 66.67% of people with the name Name are between the ages of 31 and 60. The age group of 61-80 of Shari Conway accounts for 33.33%.

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Shari Conway, Age 67

Shari Conway is currently 67 years old. Shari Conway resides in 4039 Rockfish Rd, Kingston, OK. The relatives that are shown are Derek Conway ,Cory Conway ,Jeff Conway . Previously, Shari Conway was a resident of Newcastle, OK.


  • 4039 Rockfish Rd, Kingston, OK ;
  • Po Box 144, Madill, OK ;
  • AND 1 MORE

Previous Locations

  • Newcastle, OK;
  • Little Rock, AR;
  • AND 4 MORE


Phone number

  • 405-527-8272;
  • 405-364-3029;


  • daniell*******;
  • jeffn*****;
  • AND 8 MORE

Shari Conway who currently lives in 114 Alexs Run, Clinton, SC. Records show that Vickie Conway is Shari Conway's relative. You can contact Shari Conway via 864-833-4835, 864-833-0449, 864-547-1315...


  • 114 Alexs Run, Clinton, SC ;
  • 600 W Centennial St, Clinton, SC;


Phone number

  • 864-833-4835;
  • 864-833-0449;

Shari A Conway is now 58 years old. Shari A Conway is living at 2616 Drayton Dr, Wilmington, DE. 1 people are found as Shari A Conway's relatives. You can contact Shari A Conway through 302-995-6745...


  • 2616 Drayton Dr, Wilmington, DE ;
  • 22 Coachlight Ct, New Castle, DE ;
  • AND 1 MORE


Phone number

  • 302-995-6745;

Shari L Conway is currently 58 years old. Shari L Conway resides in 22766 S Polk Ave, Riverdale, CA. The relatives that are shown are Jason Conway ,Daniel Conway ,Katie Conway .


  • 22766 S Polk Ave, Riverdale, CA ;
  • Po Box 666, Riverdale, CA;


Phone number

  • 559-269-0150;
  • 559-867-0601;


  • con***;
  • nor***;
  • AND 2 MORE

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First Name Possible Variations

Below is a list of names similar to Shari Conway given potential spelling mistakes. In case you didn't find the one you were looking for, try those variations of Shari Conway.You can also view the public records of Shari Conway from our database.

Alter First NameFull NamePersons Count
ShalondaShalonda Conway40.02%
ShanaShana Conway70.04%
ShaneShane Conway390.20%
ShannonShannon Conway600.30%
SharenSharen Conway20.01%
SharonSharon Conway300.15%
SharondaSharonda Conway50.03%
ShaunShaun Conway230.12%
ShaunaShauna Conway60.03%
ShawnShawn Conway300.15%
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Shari Conway Phone Numbers

This part presents the phone numbers that may belong to Shari Conway.

  • 405-527-8272
  • 864-833-4835
  • 302-995-6745
  • 559-269-0150

Shari Conway Addresses

This unit contains details involving the possible addresses of Shari Conway.

  • 4039 Rockfish Rd, Kingston, OK
  • 114 Alexs Run, Clinton, SC
  • 2616 Drayton Dr, Wilmington, DE
  • 22766 S Polk Ave, Riverdale, CA

Shari Conway's Age Distribution

After in-depth study, we have gathered a detailed report about the age distribution of people named Shari Conway. The age group of 31-60 makes up 66.67%. The age group of 61-80 forms 33.33%. The average age of Shari Conway is 61. And 66% of people belong to the age group of 31-60 years old.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the phone numbers of people called Shari Conway?

Shari Conway's phone numbers are 405-527-8272, 864-833-4835, 302-995-6745, 559-269-0150.... You can also try this free cell phone number lookup here.

Other than Oklahoma, which state are all Shari Conway mainly located?

Oklahoma has most Shari Conway, and South Carolina ranks the second place.

What are the emails of people called Shari Conway?

Shari Conway's email address are daniell*******, con*** Would you like to know how to perform a reverse email lookup? Check it out in this link.