What Makes The Best Public Records Search Engine?


The best public record search engine must deliver the reports speedily, accompanying the correct information in them. The usefulness of any public search engine is determined by its speed of work.

Customer Service

Customers undoubtedly have queries, and privacy concerns that need to be answered by the people search service. The public record search engine must have contact details and responsive customer support.

Updated Information

Providing outdated and inaccurate information can be responsible for misunderstandings and consequences. It is a must for the finest public records search-free engine to provide true and updated public records.


As per the FCRA, a good public search engine should mention it as illegal to misuse data for screening people or spying on them.

Free Trial

An exceptional public search engine should provide a free trial period to its customers. It helps them understand the working of the service and confirm its efficiency, which makes loyal customers.

Broad Database

A public record search service should have an extensive database that provides old to new public records efficiently. It helps people to look up international public records and information.

What are Public Records?

Public records are any documents or information created by a government agency of any country and are obliged by the law to keep them updated and accurate. Most of the records are available for those who demand them. However, some of the public records are confidential and require governed eligibility requirements to gain access to them.

Public records are helpful to know about bankrupts, fraud companies, and other criminals registered in government agencies' records. With the advent of the internet, people have regular access to view public records of their target people to check their tax records, library records, or any other sensitive records.

Nowadays, it has become an important thing to first check people’s background information before having any business relationship with them. People can also opt to check public records of their country and state to observe their publically available data.

What is the Freedom of Information Act?

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was assigned as a law in 1966. This law gives citizens a right to request and receive public records unless they are protected by the public exposure by FOIA. This act also requires the organization to post certain information online and post the frequently requested records.

It is also on the agencies to look whether partial providence of information is possible if the full disclosure is not probable. The disclosure of certain information depends on the nine exemptions limited by law enforcement.

  1. Confidential data for foreign policies and national defense.
  2. Inner personnel regulations and rituals.
  3. Information that has been exempted under any other law and regulation.
  4. Personal business data and trade confidences.
  5. Letters of inter-agency and intra-agency are secured by legal privileges.
  6. Personnel and medical data.
  7. Data and law enforcement records.
  8. Any information that includes bank guardianship.
  9. Data concerning geological and geophysical information.

How to Do a Public Records Search?

PeopleFinderFree provides people with public records by providing it with the accurate first and last name of the target person along with his city and state. Following are the steps to get a grasp of how to access public records with PeopleFinderFree and find the correct information of your target:

  • Step 1: Initiate Search

    Visit the PeopleFinderFree website, select the Public Records Search option, and type your target's full name in the search bar. Click on the Search button, and the returning results will pop up in a few minutes.

  • Step 2: Filter the Search Results

    The lookup site will give you a list of all the people that match your provided information. Filter down the other profiles and select your specific target's profile by clicking on the "Access Report".

  • Step 3: Download and Observe the Report

    The last step is to mention your email address in order to access the public record. After clearing the payment, click on the "View My Report" to get your target’s public record.

What’s the Difference between Public Records and a Background Check?

Public records are made by the government agencies to keep a record of all your legal doings and public evidence. The public records include your birth, death, marriage, and divorce information that are helpful to confirm the family tree of your target person.

Moreover, public records vary from court records to property records, and they have nearly all the financial information of people in any country.

Whereas a background check is a process used by any person or a company to verify the record of a person. This information can be his criminal record, educational history, employment details, and whereabouts. Background checks are used to check the history of people before trusting them and giving them a house for rent.

If any person has a corrupt history, has been involved in any fraud, bankruptcy, the background check report would make it transparent. International background checks allow people to get international background information. It includes the educational and criminal records of people internationally.

Different Types of Public Records

  • Court and Criminal Records

    The happenings of a courthouse are a part of the public records of any country. All the summaries and dockets of a court case are available for perusal after the finishing of a case. You can check all the court proceedings, penalties, and information of the suspect in the records. Similarly, the criminal records are also available in court data and the national police database.

  • Property and Land Records

    Proper property records about the ownership of lands, along with other information, are available in public records. If any property or land is owned by the public representative, all the communication records and contracts are part of the public records of any country. You can see when your target person has registered any property in his name.

  • Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce records

    All the big events of people's lives, including their marriages to divorces and birth to death records, are available as a matter of public record. Every death and birth occurring in the hospitals are reported to government offices in order to prepare the birth/death certificate. Marriages and divorce records are also kept as a record by the government. These records are essential if you want to confirm the past relationships of any family member.

  • Institutional Financial Information

    Institutional financial information is also a part of public records where one can determine all the financial activities of the institutions. The country system transparently records all the financial doings of profit and non-profit institutions in all private sector and public sectors. You can check all the sources of money and expenditure of institutions and organizations.

  • Evaluation Reports

    The federal government accountability office and audit offices make many inquiries on the competence and effectiveness of the government programs. They keep it in their records, and the information is also available on federal public records. This approach is said to be neutral, which provides accurate information and concepts of all the costly government activities.

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  • State, Country, and City Sites

    Different states, countries, and city websites have different agencies that have information on business entity filings, fugitives, lobbyist lists, sex offender registry, missing persons, and unclaimed property. The state agencies also contain business entity records, birth records, driving and vehicle records, and the state judicial system.

  • State Occupational Licensing Boards

    Every state has websites that have data on different job titles available for the public. It includes information about Accountants, architects, financial institutions, attorneys, and chiropractors. Some websites also provide specific information about home inspectors, hearing aid dealers, dentists, and dietitians.

  • Searchable Federal Sanctions Sites and Significant Agencies

    The federal sanctions sites of countries have sites including information of aircraft accidents, list of aircraft pilots, airport compliance reviews, and bureau of economic analysis. The websites also have recognized charities, consolidated screening lists, death index files, ATF most wanted people, and transportation statistics.

  • State Appellate and Supreme Court Opinions and Decisions

    Different states have details on websites that cover information on different high-profile court cases. They list down the cases and Supreme Court decisions, including penalties. It also summarizes the Supreme Court dockets and decisions.

Why Would I Need a Public Records Search Report?

Access Personal and Criminal Records

Certain records are not available anywhere else apart from public records. You can find birth and death records, census information, and criminal records easily in the public search report with PeopleFinderFree.

Find your Lost Relatives

Public records also enable people to find their long-lost family members and reconnect with them. It can also be essential to check the family tree.

Get Back with Old Classmates

The public record can help you associate with your old classmates as it provides you with your target's locality information and their phone number.

Keep an Eye on your Child’s Company

If you are suspecting your child of bad company, you can run a search on them with their names and find out their public doings and hidden business.

Reassure the Loyalty of your Partner

Before trusting someone and starting a relationship with them, you can avail yourself of the opportunity to check their history of marriage and divorce.

What Our Customers Say

I had an urge to find my long-lost best friend, who changed his address and phone number. With PeopleFinderFree, I was able to get his phone number and location.

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I checked my family tree and got to know the locality of my long-lost aunt. Thanks to PeopleFinderFree.

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I was doubtful of this candidate’s educational eligibility. So I checked his educational details on PeopleFinderFree and got to know that he was lying all the time.

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I used PeopleFinderFree to confirm the ownership of a property I wanted to buy. I found its owner and his contact information on this fantastic public record website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best public records search database?

People Finder Free is an exceptional public records search database that is available on both Android and iOS software. It helps people search public property records and marriage information with accuracy and many more.

How to get court records online?

There are court records and files available through the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) service. It allows people to search and locate bankruptcy court cases and docket data.

How do I look up charges on someone?

You can look up someone's civil cases via their state’s courts sites. It requires providing an email address, user type option (solicitor, authorized office, or barrister), and proof of identity (driving license or passport).

Why don’t I just use Google?

Google helps you get basic information about individuals. It delivers true information by accessing records of national and municipal databases and composes concise and accurate reports.

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With all the above-mentioned information, it is safe to say that People Finder Free is a beneficial tool in finding people search public records of people. It helps you make accurate decisions in your professional as well as personal life.

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