What Information is Available Through Reverse Phone Lookup?

Owner's Identity

It shows the name, age, or gender of the owner of the phone number. This also includes the email address, which provides maximum insight into a person's detail.

Location History

You can get to know about the person's location report, which contains useful information such as demographic data, census data, or FBI crime statistics.

Social Media Platforms

A reverse phone lookup helps in locating the social media profiles or dating profiles related to the entered phone number.

Background Report

A phone number lookup provides a background report that might uncover the criminal records, owned properties, liens, bankruptcies, or possible relatives of the target person.

Alternative Contact Numbers

You will get alternate phone numbers of a targeted person through which you can contact them with ease. It will help in the case if they have blocked you.


A reverse phone lookup is able to reveal the current residential address of the targeted person. You can view the past addresses as well if they have them on the record.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

Nowadays, a call from an unknown phone number makes you suspicious. It's hard to know the person who is calling you and why? The call could be from the lottery owners who are contacting you to receive your prize. But soon, you realize that you have not applied in any such lottery scheme.

A reverse phone lookup service offers you the authority to search through billions of data to find out who is behind the unknown calls. You are able to reveal useful information such as their address, age, email address, and social media profiles. By getting all such details, you will be able to decide whether to call back the number or not.

A reverse phone number lookup works with landlines and cellphones. It is the only solution to get to know about your mystery caller. This method is fast and powerful that instantly analyzes the phone number you enter. Since a reverse phone search provides beyond and above typical search engines results, it also offers detailed reports, including a person's basic information and demographic information.

These phone lookups use algorithmic searches to collect through millions of digital records. Such facilities make them valuable tools for uncovering the identities of mystery callers and performing background checks.

How Reverse Phone Number Lookup Works?

Typically, several sites and applications tend to provide details about different phone numbers. They have access to plenty of records of various phone numbers. These reverse phone lookups got their database legally from public information, data brokers, cell phone carrier companies, and several other data sources.

Therefore, whenever you need information about a specific person, your selected reverse phone number sites will bring out the records against your entered phone number from their database.

A reverse phone lookup deduces the information of the phone number into two parts. The first part checks the city and state of the area code, location/city of the first three digits, the original company, whether a phone number is a landline or cell phone, and when it first came into use.

In the second part, the information may include:

  • First and Last Name of the Owner.
  • Address of the Owner.
  • Email Address associated with the Phone Number.
  • Marital Status.
  • Possible Relatives and Friends.
  • Legal Records, Court Records, or Criminal Records.

You can do a reverse phone lookup search for both personal or business purposes to get the possible details about an unknown phone number.

Where Does This Data Come from?

There are different phone types, such as landlines, VOIP, and cell/mobile phones. So data comes in a different approach for each device.

Do you remember calling 411, which is Directory Assistance? You gave them a name and city for someone so that the operator provides you with phone numbers it had against that details. In the case of landlines, the names and addresses of the phone number's owner were always available. Going for the name and address to the phone makes an easy way to go from a phone number to address and name. Most of the landline information is provided to companies by the carriers, and the same information to the caller ID companies.

The other service, Voice Over IP (VOIP), is used by most cable providers to give you phone service. These companies are less integrated with directory assistance. However, there is a better chance for the information to be publically available if the VOIP subscriber has asked to enable their caller ID.

Lastly, cell/mobile phones are the most difficult in this data approach. Mobile phones do not contain directory assistance; thus, the data is obtained from various places. Many reverse lookup services buy this information from several sources in bulk as they have your name and cell phone number.

What Can Phone Number Lookup be Used for?

Identify Unknown Callers

Whenever you get a miss call from an unknown number, it makes you suspicious and urges you to find their identity. A reverse phone number lookup can assist you in catching that person.

Reconnect to Lost Friends

It is common to lose contact as you change places or progress through your lives. But suddenly, you want to reconnect with people from the past but only have their old phone numbers. A reverse phone lookup helps you to find out their new number as well as makes an easy way to reconnect with them.

Verify Personal Identities

Finding a perfect vacation partner is the most exciting feeling for anyone. But before making a commitment to traveling and staying close, ensure that you have selected the right person. With a reverse phone lookup, you can get their background report and learn everything about them.

Keep Your Family Safe

Family safety is the utmost thing in anyone's life. It is more important when they make new friends and relations. Use a reverse lookup service to check who their new friends are and protect your family if there is anything wrong.

Know the One You're Dating

People connect and talk through different online dating profiles. But they are not honest and sometimes give false information. If you have their phone number, perform a reverse phone lookup and get to know the key information about their identity.

Check Your Buyers/Sellers

Nowadays, e-commerce has become very popular worldwide. There is an increasing number of frauds and scams with buyers or sellers. However, it is a wise idea to do a phone lookup before finalizing any deal. You will get to know every single detail of a seller or a buyer to verify that they are authentic.

How to Do A Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

To perform a reverse phone number lookup, you don't need to be an expert. Simply follow the below steps and get a complete report.

  • Step 1: Give the Phone Number

    To perform a reverse phone lookup, you don't need any technical knowledge. Navigate to the website of PeopleFinderFree, click the 'Phone Lookup' option available on the homepage. You are required to enter a phone number against which you want to perform a lookup. Click the 'Start Search' option.

  • Step 2: Filter the Lookup Results

    You can filter down the results and find the profile of your target person. Then click the profile to see the report.

  • Step 3: View the Details in the Report

    After you get into the report, you will see plenty of personal details about the person. Look through them and find the information you need.

Free Reverse Phone Lookup (No Charge & No Credit Card)

Google Search

A Google search brings plenty of information about any company, person, or organization. It is the best approach to find people by entering a phone number on the search bar. If the phone number is listed on a website, blog, public job profile, or record, Google will display all the details and associated profiles.

It is a free reverse lookup phone service that uses public information often updated by users. With this approach, you can get a lot of high-quality business or public information.

Social Media

There are hundreds of millions of active profiles on several social media sites worldwide. Many people add their phone numbers while creating their profiles. Depending on the platform you choose, you might be able to find the target person by entering their phone number.

If you wish to find people online, Facebook can be a very effective platform for you. It lets its users add a lot of information as well as a phone number. When you want to find someone via Facebook, enter the target phone number in the required space. You will see all the profiles that are linked with that number.

Another platform, LinkedIn, is a professional site where people are connected by having mutual organizations. You can find someone by entering their phone number. If your target person provides public information, then you will be able to find them.

Moreover, Twitter serves the same purpose to connect people from all over the world. People can add plenty of information to make their accounts secure, as well as their phone numbers. It also allows you to find your lost connections via phone number.

Save the target's phone number on your phone and sync your contacts to find them on Twitter. Hence, all the accounts connected with that phone number will be displayed.

Why Are All These People Looking Up Phone Numbers?

Anger and Fear

Many people have to face harassment over their phones. Usually, their tormentors will not mind private numbers and alternately just use regular phone numbers. Moreover, people may get threats of kidnapping from unknown calls.

In order to locate who is actually behind all this, the sufferer needs to find out the owner of the phone number. Once they perform a reverse phone lookup and get all the details, they can report to the police or other suitable action to stop the bullying.

Love and Cheating

In relationships, there come many ups and downs when people need to randomly check the phone of their partner. However, cheating is the main reason for which people are looking up phone numbers.

People go for reverse phone lookups to clear the misunderstandings and catch their partner red-handed. The lookup results show the pattern of calls, messages, and their location.


Nowadays, many scammers are spreading fake messages or calling from unknown numbers. They tend to receive money in the name of different well-known agencies or organizations. People don't answer them because they don't know them, so they have to do a reverse phone lookup to know that the scheme is fake or just a scam.

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How to Know If It's a Spam Caller?

  • Spam or fake calls are so common these days that you need to know how to identify them. The spam callers often pose as representatives of tech, travel, retail, or government agencies. However, there are several warning signs that you should know in order to avoid a scam or fraud.

  • Unprompted calls from major tech companies that claim to work with them. These companies will contact you when you have contacted them for any purpose. Similarly, after any disaster, you may get calls from charity fundraisers.

  • Out of these scamming schemes, other common schemes include cash prizes, low-cost travel packages, debt reduction, or proficient return of investments. Some spam callers ask about your credit card and bank information, and some claim to be a relative or friend in need of help. Most scammers use high-pressure sales tactics and limited-time offers to influence people and avail themselves. All of such calls lead to a loss of sensitive information, fraud, and probably money.

  • Still, if you could not identify a scam call, PeopleFinderFree will help you in finding the scam callers and fake agencies. By entering the phone number, you will get the possible and original information about the phone number. Leave the comments to warn others about a specific phone number, or you can read others' comments about the calls received from that phone number.

What Benefits Can I Get from a Number Search Engine?

  • Easy Access

    PoepleFinderFree provides an intuitive interface that is mobile and user-friendly. It does not require downloading any web services on your device, as you can directly access it from any web browser.

  • Efficient and Accurate

    This reverse phone lookup tool has more entries than any other lookup service since it offers high chances to find someone via phone number. The entire lookup process is quick and accurate.

  • No Sign-ups

    The benefit of this platform is that it does not require any sign-ups to fetch the details of a target person.

  • Real-time Updates and Filtering

    You are allowed to filter the thousands of search results and pick the required one. PeopleFinderFree also provides real-time updates and updates you when any changes are made or added to the report.

Privacy Concerns

  • Personal information removal

    If you see your information posted on our website and are not comfortable with it being there, you can send a removal request to us. Once we receive your message, we will take it down from our database promptly.

  • How we share data

    If you're searching for someone's information and worry that they will know about this in the future, don't worry! We won't share any of your activities with any third party. So they will never know you've done research about them.

What Our Customers Saying About Us

Recently I received plenty of calls from an unknown number, offering me a discount for a specific appliance store. I felt something fishy as they were asking for my personal details. Suddenly I hit upon this lookup service, which is absolutely amazing to provide me all the scamming details of that phone number.

- James, Alaska

Four years ago, I had to move to another town due to a job. I lost my connection with my aunt. PeopleFinderFree helped me during my difficult time. With the help of an old number, I got her new number and other details.

- Zoey, California

Living in a hostel is not as easy as it seems. Recently, another roommate joined a room of three people. At first, I did not feel good vibes from him. So I did a reverse phone lookup, which has provided me with his records and background information.

- David, Maryland

It was my first ever experience with an online seller. So, I had to be sure to prevent myself from any fraud. Thanks to PeopleFinderFree, which helped me to make my online shopping experience good and loss-free.

- Emilia, Minnesota

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I discover the owner of a phone number?

Using a reverse phone lookup service is the simplest way to find out who owns the phone number. You can use PeopleFinderFree that offers a lookup service. Enter the area code and phone number to get a list of results.

How can I perform a reverse phone lookup free on Google?

Go to Google, and enter the target phone number in question with an area code (E.g. (123)456-7890). The top results may be from reverse lookup services, which will require your credit card to pull out the answers. However, we don't recommend doing this.

How can I locate a caller without paying?

PeopleFinderFree is a instant service that helps to find a person who is calling you. It allows unlimited numbers to lookup.

How do I go about finding people I’m not in touch with anymore using a people lookup website?

You can find people you were once in touch with and have now lost with a quick people search. You just enter their name and previous location (city and state). The engine will fetch their newest, updated information, including their phone number and postal address.

If you can’t find the person’s records, we suggest reading our search tips. You may have to try some variations and workarounds to find them again.

How can I track a mobile phone number online?

1.Visit the official site of PeopleFinderFree.

2.Enter the target phone number in the search bar and start the search.

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So perform your first reverse phone number lookup right now and ensure your safety from any mishap.