Anzalone Name Meaning

Southern Italian (Sicily and Naples): probably a variant of Ansalone, an augmentative of the personal name Ansaldo, which is of Germanic origin, composed of the elements ans ‘god’ + walda ‘power’. Alternatively, it may be a variant of the Biblical personal name Absalone ‘Absalom’.

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List of People with Surname Anzalone

According to our database, there are a total of 2,679 people with the surname Anzalone. Among these people surnamed Anzalone, there are about 291 distinct names, with an average of 9 people who have the same name. John Anzalone, Robert Anzalone and Mary Anzalone are the top three most widely-used names from the list of people surnamed Anzalone, with 85, 56 and 51 people respectively.

Besides that, we found that New York has the largest number of people surnamed Anzalone, with a total of 693 people, and there are a total of 214 distinct names among these people. Florida is the second-most populous state for people with the surname Anzalone, with a total of 270 people and an average of 133 distinct names.