Bourne Name Meaning

English: topographic name for someone who lived beside a stream, Old English burna, burne ‘spring’, ‘stream’, or a habitational name from a place named with this word, for example Bourn in Cambridgeshire or Bourne in Lincolnshire. This word was replaced as the general word for a stream in southern dialects by Old English broc (see Brook) and came to be restricted in meaning to a stream flowing only intermittently, especially in winter.

List of People with Surname Bourne

As far as we found, there are a total of 4,750 people with the surname Bourne. Among these people surnamed Bourne, there are around 473 different names, with an average of 10 people sharing the same name. Michael Bourne, Patricia Bourne and Mary Bourne are the top three most common names from the list of people surnamed Bourne, with 60, 60 and 59 people respectively.

Furthermore, Our research has shown that New York has the greatest number of people surnamed Bourne, with a total of 407 people, and there are a total of 228 different names among these people. California is the second-most populous state for people with the surname Bourne, with a total of 387 people and an average of 195 different names.