Guttilla Name Meaning

Southern Italian: of uncertain derivation; possibly from a pet form of the Germanic personal name Gotto, or alternatively a variant of Cutilla, a topographic name, or possibly a nickname, from a diminutive of Cuti, from Sicilian cuti ‘pebble’.

List of People with Surname Guttilla

  Anthony Guttilla  Frank Guttilla  Joseph Guttilla  Diane Guttilla  Sam Guttilla  Theresa Guttilla  Charles Guttilla
  Nicholas Guttilla  James Guttilla  John Guttilla  Mary Guttilla  Michael Guttilla  Salvatore Guttilla  Andrew Guttilla
  Anna Guttilla  Antonina Guttilla  Deborah Guttilla  Linda Guttilla  Nancy Guttilla  Peter Guttilla  Robert Guttilla
  Salvat Guttilla  Thomas Guttilla  Vito Guttilla  William Guttilla