Harkness Name Meaning

Scottish: apparently a habitational name from an unidentified place (perhaps in the area of Annandale, with which the surname is connected in early records), probably so called from the Old English personal name Hereca (a derivative of the various compound names with the first element here ‘army’) + Old English næss ‘headland’, ‘cape’. The surname is also established in northern Ireland, where it was taken in the 17th century by settlers from Dumfriesshire.

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List of People with Surname Harkness

According to our database, there are a total of 2,314 people with the surname Harkness. Among these people surnamed Harkness, there are about 487 distinct names, with an average of 4 people who have the same name. James Harkness, John Harkness and Mary Harkness are the top three most widely-used names from the list of people surnamed Harkness, with 30, 30 and 30 people respectively.

Besides that, we found that Texas has the largest number of people surnamed Harkness, with a total of 175 people, and there are a total of 130 distinct names among these people. California is the second-most populous state for people with the surname Harkness, with a total of 165 people and an average of 116 distinct names.