Hatch Name Meaning

English (mainly Hampshire and Berkshire): topographic name from Middle English hacche ‘gate’, Old English hæcc (see Hatcher). In some cases the surname is habitational, from one of the many places named with this word. This name has been in Ireland since the 17th century, associated with County Meath and the nearby part of Louth.

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List of People with Surname Hatch

Based on our public records, there are a total of 8,347 people with the surname Hatch. Among these people surnamed Hatch, there are approximately 1,154 distinct names, with an average of 7 people who share the same name. Christopher Hatch, Lisa Hatch and Chris Hatch are the top three most widely-used names from the list of people surnamed Hatch, with 45, 45 and 35 people respectively.

In addition, Our data shows that Utah has the most people surnamed Hatch, with a total of 835 people, and there are a total of 513 distinct names among these people. California is the second-most populous state for people with the surname Hatch, with a total of 798 people and an average of 482 distinct names.