Henry Name Meaning

English and French: from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements haim, heim ‘home’ + ric ‘power’, ‘ruler’, introduced to England by the Normans in the form Henri. During the Middle Ages this name became enormously popular in England and was borne by eight kings. Continental forms of the personal name were equally popular throughout Europe (German Heinrich, French Henri, Italian Enrico and Arrigo, Czech Jindrich, etc.). As an American family name, the English form Henry has absorbed patronymics and many other derivatives of this ancient name in continental European languages. (For forms, see Hanks and Hodges 1988.) In the period in which the majority of English surnames were formed, a common English vernacular form of the name was Harry, hence the surnames Harris (southern) and Harrison (northern). Official documents of the period normally used the Latinized form Henricus. In medieval times, English Henry absorbed an originally distinct Old English personal name that had hagan ‘hawthorn’. Compare Hain 2 as its first element, and there has also been confusion with Amery. Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó hInnéirghe ‘descendant of Innéirghe’, a byname based on éirghe ‘arising’. Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Éinrí or Mac Einri, patronymics from the personal names Éinrí, Einri, Irish forms of Henry. It is also found as a variant of McEnery. Jewish (American): Americanized form of various like-sounding Ashkenazic Jewish names.

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List of People with Surname Henry

Based on our public records, there are a total of 30,168 people with the surname Henry. Among these people surnamed Henry, there are approximately 3,919 distinct names, with an average of 7 people who share the same name. Marcia Henry, Irene Henry and Charlene Henry are the top three most widely-used names from the list of people surnamed Henry, with 79, 73 and 62 people respectively.

In addition, Our data shows that Texas has the most people surnamed Henry, with a total of 2,970 people, and there are a total of 1,555 distinct names among these people. Florida is the second-most populous state for people with the surname Henry, with a total of 2,667 people and an average of 1,491 distinct names.