Joy Name Meaning

English: nickname for a person of a cheerful disposition, from Middle English, Old French joie, joye. In some cases it may derive from a personal name (normally borne by women) of this origin, which was in sporadic use during the Middle Ages.

List of People with Surname Joy

In accordance with our records, there are a total of 4,351 people with the surname Joy. Among these people surnamed Joy, there are nearly 730 different names, with an average of 5 people having the same name. Thomas Joy, Donald Joy and Nancy Joy are the top three most common names from the list of people surnamed Joy, with 45, 38 and 30 people respectively.

Besides that, Our findings indicate that California has the highest number of people surnamed Joy, with a total of 410 people, and there are a total of 257 different names among these people. New York is the second-most populous state for people with the surname Joy, with a total of 310 people and an average of 208 different names.