No Name Meaning

Korean: there are three Chinese characters for the No surname, one of which is extremely rare. Between the three characters, there are a total of sixteen clans. All of the clans are descended from founding ancestors from China. One of the founding ancestors, No Su, migrated from China in 755 and brought with him his nine sons. Each of his sons went on to found another clan. Japanese (No): written with the character for ‘ability’; found in the Ryukyuan island of Amami.

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List of People with Surname No

As far as we found, there are a total of 325 people with the surname No. Among these people surnamed No, there are around 97 distinct names, with an average of 3 people sharing the same name. Young No, Name No and Pob No are the top three most widely-used names from the list of people surnamed No, with 16, 16 and 12 people respectively.

Additionally, Our research has shown that California has the greatest number of people surnamed No, with a total of 117 people, and there are a total of 59 distinct names among these people. New York is the second-most populous state for people with the surname No, with a total of 37 people and an average of 23 distinct names.