Noser Name Meaning

Swiss German: perhaps an altered form of Nösser, an occupational name from an agent derivative of Middle High German noss ‘working stock (cattle)’; or alternatively perhaps a habitational name from Nossen in Saxony, the -er suffix denoting an inhabitant. German and Swiss German (Nöser): occupational name for a cattle dealer or someone who raised cattle or other domestic animals, an agent noun from Middle High German noz ‘domestic animals’ (see Notz and Noss).

List of People with Surname Noser

  Thomas Noser  Sandra Noser  Patricia Noser  David Noser  Carolyn Noser
  Anne Noser  Steven Noser  Carol Noser  Brian Noser  John Noser
  Christopher Noser  Michael Noser  Mary Noser  Robert Noser  James Noser
  William Noser  Stephen Noser  Joseph Noser  Margaret Noser