Rank Name Meaning

English: nickname for a powerfully built man or someone of violent emotions, from the Middle English adjective rank (Old English ranc ‘proud’, ‘rebellious’). English: from a medieval personal name, a back-formation from the diminutive Rankin. South German: variant of Rang 2. German: nickname either for an agile person, from Middle High German ranc ‘quick turn’, or in some instances for someone who was tall and thin, from Low German rank. In some cases the surname may have been from a personal name formed with this element. Czech: from a pet form of a personal name, which could be either Slavic Ranožir or Germanic Randolf (see Randolph). Swedish and Danish: nickname from rank ‘erect’, ‘upright’, ‘straight’.

List of People with Surname Rank

According to our database, there are a total of 854 people with the surname Rank. Among these people surnamed Rank, there are about 257 unique names, with an average of 3 people who have the same name. David Rank, James Rank and Richard Rank are the top three most popular names from the list of people surnamed Rank, with 15, 15 and 15 people respectively.

Moreover, we found that Wisconsin has the largest number of people surnamed Rank, with a total of 147 people, and there are a total of 96 unique names among these people. Michigan is the second-most populous state for people with the surname Rank, with a total of 70 people and an average of 59 unique names.